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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #21- Cook your own Food, Dude!

This may seem like a non-important kind of issue- maybe you are in the habit of “picking up” food for lunch at work, skip breakfast or eat something quick and processed, and go out several times per week to a restaurant, where you try to order “paleo” foods… not a big deal, right?
Au contraire, my friend!  There is no real way around it- nothing is better for you, both physically for your health and wellness, or mentally by putting you in a more intimate contact with the animals and vegetables that give their lives for your sustenance, than actually preparing, cutting, Vitamixing, and cooking them!  And, what you see it what you get!  No “red slime” mixed in your ground beef or chicken, no sick damaged animals from concentration camp feed lot meat laced  with hormones and antibiotics; not if you get it from a trusted local farmer as I do, and I suggest you do!
Check out if you don’t have a farmer friend as of yet!  Type in your address or zip code, and all the local farmers, their drop off points near you, and farmers markets will all magically appear!  It really is an amazingly useful service, and a great way to hook up with a local farmer or rancher who can be a great source of healthy food, and a good way to wean yourself off of the grocery store and processed fake food crap!

Not only will you get away from substandard corn fed, diseased meats that are loaded with every toxic medicine and disease brought on by substandard diet- you will also free yourself from all of the bad oils, like soybean and canola oil, ALL the vegetable oils that are sabotaging your health!  You can begin using real oils and fats like pastured butter (Kerrygold butter is great, from Ireland), coconut oil, olive oil, and along with the good meat you will be eating, you will correct the balance of omega 3 to omega 6 fats, of which the Omega 6 from standard meats and fats is WAY out of whack in your body, unless you’ve been truly Paleo for quite a while… which is what you want, and what you WILL BE after you follow this last Paleo Quick Tip of the Day step, along with the 20 preceding!
You can also use your trusted farmer source for organic vegetables, pastured eggs, and perhaps some wonderful pastured berries- YUM!  Maybe some raw cream???
The thing is- given the proper nutrients, your body can accomplish almost anything- fight off disease, build abundant health, shed fat and build muscle- just by being fed correctly, as God and nature intended!
It really is that easy!
We have just gotten so far off track, by NOT-
getting our meats from naturally raised conditions
eating unnatural, fake fats and oils
and by actually EATING-
processed, and fast processed fake crap foods from a drive-thru
soft drinks of any type, sweetened or chemical sweetened
Genetically modified wheat, corn and soy products
that we have destroyed our bodies’ innate ability to heal itself!

We then run desperately the Medical INDUSTRY, and beg to be “fixed” of our many diseases- and they gladly oblige…

NOT by fixing us- just by masking the symptoms with various drugs, and taking all of our money for the favor!
Don’t fall into this trap- you are your own physician-
Physician- heal thyself!

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