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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Paleo is spreading steadily... GET ON BOARD!

Today I want to share a couple of inspirational videos that will inspire you!  Here is the story of Keli Kryfko, a formerly fat girl who adopted the Paleo diet and lost 100 pounds to become a beauty queen!  Eating real, God made paleolithic foods truly is the answer to health and fitness!  It's really not low fat, high carb, chemical sweeteners and unsaturated fake fats- really!  

We have been lied to, and misled, for over 50 years by fake science, and the profit of selling fake BIG AG processed foods, which leads to the huge profit of treating unnecessary diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease... the list goes on and on.  All can be eliminated just by eating a real, Paleo type of ancestral diet, and getting some natural Perfectly Paleo Exercise!

And here is my other great video for your inspiration and motivation: This kid is great at bodyweight exercise, and has really figured things out at a really young age!

Notice that both of these amazing young people have figured out that a strong relationship with God is key to their progress... no accident there!

Eat Paleo, exercise Paleo, Live Paleo!


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