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Monday, March 25, 2013

New Angela!

Check out the video in the link above- simply by going along with her family's change to a real food type of diet, Angela (who was born with Down's syndrome) transitioned like a phoenix into what she was always meant to be- a slim, athletic, competent young woman!

I've seen a lot of Paleo diet before and after photos... they are all impressive; some are astounding!  This is one of the latter.

I think we should all just stop being amazed by the trasformations that are possible simply by eating a real food based diet, and just go along with it...

Just do it- adopt a real food, God made food, 

What is your own true potential, and that of your family??

You will never know unless you actually follow through and do it!  

So do it!  

Sometimes I feel like a pestering gadfly that won't let anyone off the hook, and perhaps I am!  So, just do it- EAT REAL FOOD!

You will be so happy you did, and so will all around you that follow in your path.


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