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Thursday, March 7, 2013

JUICE with a Vitamix Blender- NOT a Juicer!

The best "Juicer" you can have!
I know, you are intrigued with the idea of JUICING!  

I was too, years ago, and I researched the heck out of the whole subject!  I even bought a dedicated juicer- you know, it takes your veggies and fruits, "masticates" them (chews them up), and voila- a clear, shiny JUICE to drink!

Unfortunately, this dedicated type of juicer also spits out and wastes all the valuable fiber in the veg and fruit... 

In the old days, when that was all that there was, like before electricity when clinics would pound the vegetable matter into mush, and then strain it through muslin cloth to get the juice, well, that was the only option.   And it was great for its time, long ago...

But then, juicers were developed when electric power arrived.  Only trouble was, they did the same thing- pounded and/or ground up the vegetables and fruits into a mash, and then discarded the fiber.   This is a big mistake!

The fiber is one of the most valuable parts of the vegetables and fruits for your health!  It not only slows the absorption of the sucrose in the fruit, it fills you up, giving a feeling of satiety that lasts and lasts.  

It is not natural to eat fruits and vegetables
without the fiber they come "wrapped" in!

Not to mention the incredible mess and waste of discarding the fiber, and then having to clean out the juicer machine- yuck!

Forget the juicer- just get a Vitamix blender (with free shipping!)- it does it ALL!

With no messy cleanup, no waste, and FAST!  Besides, with a Vitamix you can incorporate so many more healthy ingredients, as outlined HERE, and in much more detail in my eBook Paleo Quick Start.   

But just get the Vitamix.  Don't waste your money on a juicer!
That, my friend, is the bottom line.


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