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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Paleo Quick Tips #6 up and ready!

Paleo Quick Tips #6

Connect with a local Farm for your meat!
Smoothies for Maximum nutrition- resolve to have one green smoothie per day!
Subtract Bad Foods in your diet by... Addition!
Stay away from Doctors and Dentists as much as possible
And why Chiropractors are good “Health Coaches”

I finally have found a good, local source of naturally raised pork, free range chickens, and grass fed beef!  This is a real breakthrough- my health is already very good, but this is one more “piece in the puzzle” of ultimate health that is really crucial.  Real, natural, God made foods should be the heart (and soul!) of your diet and nutrition; not supplements.  (That’s why they’re called supplements)  The only supplement I really use is Vitamin D liquid, and only sometimes when I know I’m not getting enough sun for optimal health.
That is the farm outside of La Crosse Wisconsin that I have connected with.  I’m sure there is one near you as well- the sustainable, local form of agriculture is making a huge comeback- just like Big Ag, Big Medical, and Big Government are bloated and inefficient- Small and Local is the way to go- back to the future!

Make your New Year’s resolution now: have at least ONE green or better yet Paleo Smoothie per day!  This one resolution will improve your health dramatically, and almost overnight- you will be hydrated, loaded up with maximum nutrition, and you will feed through the probiotics in the drink your intestinal bacteria that actually digest your food for you.  You will also Subtract BAD or Junk foods from your diet by addition:
if you add really good foods to your diet, say in the form of natural, grass fed and anti-biotic free meats and a Paleo Smoothie loaded with green veggies, protein, probiotics, and berries, spices and herbs, you won’t have room for the junk!  
You won’t even want it- you will just be too full!
Thus: Subtraction by  Addition!

Get your Vitamix, at the best deal you will find at
Free shipping, and if you call and order, my free eBook Perfectly Paleo Exercise are both included on any model you order, even the refurbished ones, which are a great, economical, yet fully guaranteed choice.  Many colors to choose from- the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one!
Much, much cheaper that continued Doctor or Dentist visits and treatments and medicines and more medicines and treatments... forever!

And that is another thing- you goal should be to see a Doctor or Dentist...
As infrequently as possible! Their goals are not your goals- they want you to be alive, but sick and needing endless “medicines and treatments”, i.e. statin drugs, high blood pressure medicines, anti-depressants, diabetic medications, constant dental work, root canals, vaccinations for flu, and the list goes on and on...

If your car ran fine, would you bring it in monthly for a checkup and send scopes down the pistons to see if everything is OK at the charge of thousands of dollars??

Take care of your body, and it’s much less likely to need constant “potions and treatments” than your car- because the body can actually repair itself- given proper nutrition, rest, and natural movement stimulus in the form of real Paleo Exercise.

On the other hand, Chiropractors, particularly those in the
network, are great “health coaches”- they can monitor your health, outside of the mainstream health care industry, and guide you along your way- they are basically doing what Medical doctors USED to do, in the old days in small town Americana and elsewhere.  Check out the movie trailer at Doctored the movie! to see what the American Medical Association attempted to do to discredit their competitors!

Now, I’m off on a “grill extravaganza”, grilling my meat for the week- pork ribs from “milk fed” hogs, grass fed hamburger, and BACON!  I grill it up, and heat up a few slices throughout the week- just great done on the grill.  

Have a Great Week?

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