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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Paleo Quick Tips #5 up now!

Well, Paleo Quick Tips 5 is up and ready for your listening pleasure! Here are the show notes:

Paleo Quick Tips #5

Nutrient Dense eating
Meditation & Napping
Food Sustainability
& other tidbits

Paleo or ancestral lifestyle as a counter movement to modern Big everything:
Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Food-  Bigness has taken over modern western life- big cities, big suburbs- small town americana is still with us, but has been shrinking dramatically for decades. We need to start going in the OTHER direction- become an example with our health, our mental clarity, and our ability by having those things to help others join us in a mutually beneficial Tribal dance.

The Fat Man theme- from the late 40s and early 50’s- a man of 239 pounds was considered HUGE!  Now... every other guy is in that group.  Not that long ago...

Eat enough calories- to cut calories consciously is a sure way to scare your body into storing MORE fat, since you are obviously starving.  Nutrient density is the way your body wants you to eat- maximum nutrients packed into each bite or swallow.. no empty calories - liver, pastured eggs & butter, BACON, green vegetables (bright colored), berries, high fat dairy, cod liver oil, spices and herbs, fatty fish.  Eat LOTs of high nutrient dense foods, and you will NOT be hungry.  And your mind will be happy and content- unafraid and satisfied.

Chris Kresser latest episode of Revolution Helath Radiio on the importance of fatty fish
Personal Paleo Code-if simple paleo eating is not enough for you, you have autoimmune disease- he can help -To the right on, just click on the chinup woman.

Another way to satisfy your mental requirements is thru meditation and napping.  15 minutes is ample- just concentrate on your breath, and saying “1” over and over.
If you fall asleep; fine!  Your unconscious solves problems when you shut off your left, or  so-called rational brain and let your right, or intuitive brain kick in.
With proper, paleo type of diet, you are setting yourself up for BOTH mental and physical health.  Omega 3 fats are particularly important here as well- cod liver oil, salmon, and sardines are king here!  Instead of cutting calories, think of eating as MUCH GOOD Food as you can!  Ironically, that is the way to lose FAT, not just weight per se, which is losing fat and muscle- something you don’t want to do!

Throw away you scale- it tells you nothing- if you lost water, or bone, or muscle, or fat- as Robb Wolf says- put a pretty bow on it, and give it to your worst enemy.  Go by how you feel, look and perform.  How your clothes fit. take digital photos every couple of weeks to compare

I hope your enjoy (and profit!) from the podcast.  That's the whole point...


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