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Monday, November 12, 2012

A Paleo Adventure- Grass Fed Beef and More!

Veteran's Day- a day off like any other...

Except that this day had been reserved to meet up with a farmer with grass fed cows, naturally raised hogs (Jason told me he fed them lots of his own raw milk), and free range chickens!

Kind of  a Paleo-esque Holy Grail...

And so, our trip started, as most holy quests do, at a stop at a shrine: 

This was a smart choice!  Not only was it about halfway to our destination of 
St. Brigid's Meadows, but it is a destination worthy in its own right!  PaleoJay recommended!

As is also St. Brigid's!  Nice folks, good prices, and they're happy to show you the farm!  (It was really, really cold and windy when we arrived, so we postponed the "tour" to a later date!)  Quite an adventure, letting the GPS guide you from one rural location to another, down windy yet very scenic rural Wisconsin idyllic landscape.

We finally made it, with snowflakes starting to whirl around, and I chose some smoked ham, grass fed steaks and burger meat, all beef hot dogs!, pork ribs... well, here you go:
They also deliver weekly to my town, and several nearby communities as well- I can just order online or call, and they will ship it right out...

But you know, I kind of like the old, slow, driving down the country roads route, and eating at the shrine on the way...

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Nancy said...

Sounds good, but I honestly don't have the time to make the trip. I like ordering my grass fed beef online. La Cense Beef makes it so easy to order from them, and I always get my meat on time. As a matter of fact I just placed an order from their holiday catalog. I can't wait to get my shipment.