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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lose your Gut by Healing your Gut!

It's true: by avoiding non-paleolithic foods such as grains and other foods that irritate and inflame the gut, and introducing fermented foods that introduce probiotic bacteria back into the gut, your long-standing gut inflammation and problems related thereto can gradually be resolved!

What problems you may ask?  MY gut is just fine!

Actually, it's probably not...

If you are experiencing one or more of a host of modern illnesses and maladies, they can probably be directly traced to your leaky, inflamed gut.  And inflamed gut (intestine) cannot absorb vital nutrients properly.  In addition, it can (and does) let in damaging anti-nutrients from the many bad foods we now consume, that mimic our own cells enough to instigate our own immune response to start attacking our own healthy cells!

This is the probable start to most autoimmune diseases- 

multiple sclerosis
parkinson's disease
ulcerative colitis
crohn's disease
irritable bowel syndrome

and the list just goes on and on....

Fat Storage is another side-effect of a leaky inflamed gut- when you have an inflamed gut, one side effect is that your body cannot properly absorb nutrients... when there is a nutrient shortage, the body says:

"I'm hungry!  EAT!"

And so you do.  The problem is, your body has tons of calories, it just needs nutrients.  But, the only way your aching body can signal you is by hunger.  Hunger is not specific- it can't say

 "I need lots more protein, and B vitamins; also could you throw in a lot more medium train triglycerides like coconut oil, and also some anti-oxidants, and would you please cut back on the sugar, anti-nutrients, and other crap?"

Nope- your body can only say simple things: "I'm hungry" or "I'm thirsty".

You can answer that call with either great nutrition, which is the whole point of the call, and start eating quality Paleo foods like the aforementioned coconut oil, meats, seafood, veggies, nuts, etc. or else you can  shovel down some processed crap and further inflame your gut, insult your system, and store a lot of body fat!

And your body will again say "I'm hungry!  EAT!"

At this point, it's up to you.  You can finally give your body what it is asking for, real food as God and Nature made it, or you can continue the cycle of processed crap as industry intended, and your body will continue the cycle:

Store fat- still hungry- EAT!

And the metabolic syndrome and accompanying autoimmune diseases will also continue to mount up, along with your GUT!

So, the choice is yours- either HEAL or GROW your GUT!


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