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Monday, June 11, 2012

Let food be thy medicine- transform yourself!

Late afternoon snack today!  It is true that eating Paleo does not mean "deprivation" in any sense of the word...                                
“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” 

This is a quote from Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine.  All physicians take the "Hippocratic Oath" upon becoming doctors, and that makes it all the more remarkable that they do not recommend changing your diet to cure illness!  What Doctors do now, they just basically consult a chart, conveniently provided by their drug company providers, to find exactly which drug to prescribe for which complaint!  Hard to believe, but true- medical doctors have become simple drug pushers for the big pharmaceutical companies!  

There is really no longer an effort to cure the disease.  Just treat the symptoms... and then deal with the many side-effects... with additional drugs!

I say get off the medical "roller coaster"!  Eat real foods.  Do real paleo-type exercise movements.  Ditch the Damn Grains!!  It really is that simple, it's just hard to fight back against all the propaganda, marketing, and the "granny pushers"! (These last are our beloved grandmothers and maiden aunts, who, well meaning, insist we eat the birthday cake, the cookies, the pies, etc. that they made (or just bought!) for us!  This can be a trigger that sends us back into "big food addiction", and all we can think about the next day is ...whatever it is they gave us!  

Thanks, Granny pusher!!

Anyway, the best thing to do with Granny pushers is to just explain that we can't eat grains, we have a medical condition- celiac would do...

Here is another picture I'd like to show you, from Shauna Young's excellent website, pirate medicine from Shauna Young and check out the vaccine diagram that comes up- 

Modern Medicine is NOTHING like the medical establishment that we grew up with in the 1940's and '50's (or even the 60's and 70's...)

It has morphed into a giant, profit/centered Behemoth, intent only on massive, continual profits, at the expense of all of our health!  And no, I am not exaggerating.  

If you are at all interested in saving your health, and the health of your families and friends, I suggest you go to this blog, which I referenced in my last blog  Change yourself completely in 365 days, day by day, along with Gary!  That's not what he calls his blog- but that's what it can do for you!

This is a blog, where Gary, a 55 year old 233 pound man with diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides cures himself of all of these afflictions, just by following Hippocrate's original prescription, and ignoring everything his Doctor says, he turns to real, Paleo-types of foods and cures all of these conditions within a year.

And he has great results from the very first week!!  His progress is incremental, and continual.

Not to spoil the ending, but by day 365, one short year later, he is 160 pounds, healthy as a horse, and free of all disease.  All by firing his Doctor and becoming knowledgable and responsible about his own health!


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