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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Paleo Health Plan!

We all have lots of plans!    Financial plans- saving for college for the kids.  Retirement savings.... Investment plans... even elaborate plans for our next vacation are quite important to us!

How many of us have a plan for our health?

Almost none of us, strangely enough, since our health is the most important thing we have- if we lose our health, all of our money and possessions become "dust"; only useful insofar as they can help us to regain our most precious possession, our health!

So, in all of our incessant planning, what should we do under the heading: HEALTH  ?

I have some suggestions, but feel free to write your own list.  Just make sure to PLAN and have a list!

  1. Dial in your diet- nothing is more important to your health than what you eat!  Mainstream medical practitioners will disagree (they have virtually no nutritional training), but diet is key to your health.
  2. Diet guidelines:  Eliminate grains!  (Wheat, corn, soy) Snacks, processed foods, fast foods... Easy to say, hard to do.  But this is the most important step of all!  Just do it!!
  3. Cut sugar down to almost nothing.  Again, easy to say... but do it for your health!
  4. Sleep 8 hours per night!  Every night!  Turn off the computer/TV!!  DO IT!!
  5. Now, the easy part:  fire up your Vitamix every morning, and make yourself and your family a Paleo Smoothie- veggies and fruits, coconut milk, cod liver oil, and spices- this is so key to implementing a healthy diet, simply and easily, that I can't stress it enough- get a Vitamix, a bunch of frozen veggies, and frozen berries, and make a green smoothie daily!    The recipe I use is on my blog- feel free to copy and improve and improvise!
Do brief, but intense exercise!  Pushups, straight leg situps, hindu squats; or do virtual resistance exercises Perfectly Paleo Exercise  Shameless plug, but it is for your own good!

That's it!  Go back to making lists, and plans...

Just put HEALTH at the very top!


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