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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Perfectly Paleo Exercise eBook is available NOW on Amazon!

Here is the cover!  Wow- dynamite cover!!  Parisian Paleo Artiste "le-Jaymo" painting your future health with a natural dietary palette...

As of now, the eBook is only available on Amazon, via the Kindle app.  Using the Kindle app, or, if you have one, the Kindle itself, is a seamless way to view the book!

You can use the app on your iPhone, your iPad, your Android tablet- whatever!  It's a free download, just go to:

All devices free Kindle app download!

Anyway, my Paleo Quick Start Exercise friends: if you want to view this book in all of its paleolithic glory, you have only to go to this link:

Perfectly Paleo Exercise

I hope you enjoy it!  Paleo DIET has been done to death- Paleo exercise, natural Exercise has been given short shrift...

Up until NOW!


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