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Thursday, May 10, 2012

100th blog! New addition to Paleo Smoothie!! Splendor from the grass!

Wow!  Here it is- my 100th blog post- who knew?  Not me; I just went to post and... it's number 100!

Let's celebrate with some Kerrygold grass-fed (pastured) butter!  

And I will send grass in thy fields for thy cattle, that thou mayest eat and be satisfied. — Deut 11:15

But, how to eat this amazingly nutritious foodstuff, crammed with good fats, vitamin K, and loads of beneficial nutrients?  We can't spread it on bread, obviously, because that would be like slathering Kerrygold treasure on snake venom and eating it... so, besides melting it onto vegetables, or putting it onto (Genetically modified) popcorn/snake venom, what to do??

I have the answer, and as usual it has to do with your Paleo Quick Start Smoothie!  Last thing, I added spirulina, a half-vegetable/half animal protein loaded with just about every nutrient know to man...

I don't add new ingredients lightly, I only want the Smoothie to be your "go-to" source of ultimate nutrition- a golden dream of nutrition.

Well, now it is also a Kerrygold dream of nutrition, because I recommend you add a good Tablespoonful of grass-fed butter to each and every Paleo smoothie you produce!!

Here is how Dave Asprey of the incorporates Kerrygold into his diet:
I like Dave, he knows his stuff, nutritionally!  And I like coffee too, but I like it even better with heavy whipping cream, topped with cinnamon and cloves (which are also really beneficial nutritionally!)

So what do I do?

I just add a healthy dollop of Kerrygold butter to the smoothie!

It just makes it really creamy when the Vitamix blends it up with all the other ingredients- it is worth it for the taste alone!  But it's really there for the nutrition- butter is not really a "hunter/gatherer" food; but hey- if they could have had it, they would have killed saber-tooth tigers for it!

I love coconut oil, but I think that deep yellow, grass fed butter has nutrients that a survival-oriented, paleo man or woman would gladly kill for.

Luckily, we don't have to!  Just go to the store, and buy Kerrygold butter, from Ireland.  Organic Valley also has a great butter, but the pastured version is only available in Springtime- and that is from my neck of the woods in Southwestern Wisconsin!  Their usual butter is grain finished, so go with Kerrygold-

I know you will be put off by the fact of putting butter, of all things, into your smoothie- I mean, isn't saturated FAT bad- evil- the worst thing ever??

In a word- NO.

Fats are crucial to your health, your sanity, and your longevity.  Every part of your body needs good fat!  We have been lied to by our government, and brainwashed, for years!

So, if someone questions you as to why you aren't eating healthy donuts and drinking Mr. Dew together with your co-workers, just remember what Steve Jobs said:

"It's more fun to be a Pirate,
Than to join the Navy!"

So, as they sip their wonderful Mountain Dew, and munch on their delectable donuts, you can respond by sipping butter and coconut oil drenched paleo smoothies, and biting off hunks of grass fed butter!

Oh, in closing, let me display the cover of my new book, Perfectly Paleo Exercise.  
I am very pleased with this ebook, and I think you will be too- finally, a real synthesis between proper Paleo diet and proper Paleo exercise- it has not been spelled out like this before!

It should be available within a couple of weeks, on Amazon, the iBookstore, and every other channel you can think of...  don't leave home without it!
Actually, I just thought: it's rather fitting, really- most of the paleolithic cave paintings are located in...


Au revoir,


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