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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wind energy is a huge mistake!

I went to Illinois recently, back to my old college area in downstate Illinois.

I was horrified to see the seemingly endless rows of wind turbines, huge and ugly, defacing the flat croplands I had loved in the old days of the early 1970's...

Everywhere you go now, in central Illinois, there are huge, noisy, ugly, red-lighted (at night) monstrosities 
everywhere you look!  It looks as if "War of the Worlds" has taken place, and the aliens won!!

Truly sick...   Only through government edict and tax-funded subsidies could such a negative, non-effective, and hideous "solution" to energy problems be even considered.

Did you know that currently, about 1/2 of 1% of our energy needs are met by "wind power"?

The "goal" is to...  double that!

Really?  Kill off our raptors and bats, deface our landscape, ruin small town American (and other country's) towns appearance and health, and gain...another 1/2% to reach 1% of our nations power??

On a windy day???

"A hundred plus years ago wind energy was recognized as an antiquated, unreliable and expensive source of energy, and now (after hundreds of billions of wasted dollars) we find that (surprise!) it still is an unreliable and expensive source of energy. This is what happens when science is relegated to a back-of-the-bus status."
What does this have to do with the Paleo Diet?

Well, I have come to think that Paleo Diet, and it's ramifications, affect nearly ALL of our modern, largely misguides, off-the-rails, and largely decadent way of life!

Sorry to be so blunt.

Just like Rome, and other previous civilizations, we are at a crossroads.  We are fixated on money, and power (it's twin) beyond a point where it even makes sense anymore.  

Our food supply is fast becoming poison.   (All grains, industrial oils, and sugar with "fake" salt laced in)

We are becoming a nation of obese, sickly, diabetics and cancer/heart disease patients ready to happen, and all we can do is say:

Full speed ahead!  More money, more wind turbines, more drugs will save us!!
Who cares about old people who imagine progress makes them sick??

I have often thought that the Paleo Diet should really be called "the Barbarian Diet".  Think of a Germanic or Celtic barbarian, wandering into and seeing the Roman empire at it's decline...

If the technology had been there, trust me, there would have been:

  1. Wind farms that defaced the landscape with no appreciable gains in real power
  2. genetically modified grains
  3. industrial seed oils
  4. Sugar and "fake" salt laced into everything
  5. professional sports/circuses that sedentary folks avidly followed rather than physically participating in
The Barbarian, wandering into, and observing this madness, would have thought to himself:

"Here are a decadent folk, ripe for the picking!"
"I shall join their legions, pretend to follow their stupid ideas...

and the rest is history.

Be a barbarian!

TILT at (worthless) Windmills!  Be Don Quijote!!

EAT a joint of beef! Be Conan!!

And recognize the late Romans, and their counterparts, the 21st century American liberal elite as what they are:

Decadent, self-serving elites  that are set on certain, self-destructive ideas that will eventually destroy their own landscape (the fertile crescent of antiquity is now a desert!), but consequently also destroy the lives of the real people who want nothing to do with the decadence of their "rulers".

Forget your perceived rulers- Be A Barbarian-


I love this illustration!  
Just imagine that the APE man is-

  1. Wheat
  2. Wind turbines
  3. Industrial seed oils
  4. Sugar and "fake" salt
  5. (your choice here!!)
Isn't that cathartic??

I don't know about you, but I feel as if I had just killed Nero!  Yes!!!


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