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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Coconut! Does it do EVERYTHING??


Coconut oil...

And now- Coconut Charcoal!!

Is there any end to the miracles this nut/fruit supplies??!!  
The OIL has been shown to be beneficial to eat: it is anti-bacterial, and can actually help you to lose weight.  When I first started adding a can of coconut milk per day to my Paleo Smoothie, I was shocked to lose 4-5 pounds in a week- and I didn't even try, or even think I needed to lose weight!
I believe it was visceral fat; fat around my organs that I wasn't even aware of, but is the most unhealthy body fat of all.

I have always used canned coconut milk; which is always a good choice.  But lately, I have gotten...

Dry coconut milk powder!

I was able to buy it in bulk, from a wholesale provider, so it is quite economical.  Also, it is quite convenient, as you can just scoop out a few scoops of the powder to add to your paleo smoothie.  No opening of and disposing of a can, and the water weight of the canned milk is not added- leaving you with more room for even more nutrient dense foods in your drink!

The Smoothie becomes a bit smaller, with even more nutrients per cup.  And there is more room in the smoothie for kefir, green tea, whatever!  It is a sensible addition to your Paleo quick start strategy.

And coconut oil?

Each morning, before showering, I take a teaspoonful in my mouth, and just.. rinse it around my mouth while I shower!  So, maybe 10 minutes of this "oil pulling", and my mouth is de-acidified, all bacteria are flushed out, and I'm ready to:

Take some more coconut oil, and, after warming it in my hands (it is Winter!), I rub it over my body, and especially on my face for shaving.  This is the best thing ever you could shave with!  Very close, smooth shave... and amazingly, your blade will last almost forever!  (It's lubricated constantly, and so doesn't really rust of degrade).

So, after adding coconut oil and dried coconut milk to my morning paleo smoothie, how else do I use the coconut

After I come home from work, I fire up the grill with:  coconut charcoal!

Really, this is a big one!  The charcoal burns hotter than other charcoals, even hotter than natural, "Cowboy" types of charcoal.  It is made from coconut shells, and natural coconut by-products- no petroleum adjuncts ala "Kingsford" types of charcoal.  This means that, not only is the heat really HOT and even, but the ash production and smoke are substantially LESS.  

This really is a case of "Once you try it, you won't go back!"

So, spend your day with coconut products.  That's what our ancestors did!


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