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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Train like a Tiger!

MovNat- the workout that the world forgot!

I will let this video by Erwan Le Corre speak for itself:

So, what is the BEST way to train?  Once again, let's here what Erwan has to say:

"What is the best fitness regimen for a tiger? The case for authentic human movement.
What is the best way to exercise?  How do you become fit?  What is the most effective method for optimal physical development?  Nowadays, there are hundreds, if not thousands of fitness concepts offered, all promising to get you in shape in no time, often presenting themselves as “revolutionary” or being the outcome of “cutting-edge science”.  The fitness industry is providing such a plethora and variety of offers that it has become quite confusing for the average person in search of an exercise solution.  Body-building, “functional fitness”, cardio- training, Bootcamp, Pilates, yoga, Tae Bo, Zumba, P90X, Insanity or others.  Which one to choose?
Now I have a very simple, yet powerfully thought-provoking question for you:
What is the best fitness regimen for a tiger (or a tigress)?

Does the question make you smile?  Does it sound irrelevant or stupid?  And, most importantly, what’s the answer?  How would you train a wild tiger so it can be fit?  Would you train it by doing weight lifting and cardio training on the side?  Could you imagine a tiger running on a treadmill while checking its pulse rate, without cracking up?  Or could it be that it doesn’t need to exercise at all, being genetically, i.e. naturally fit?
Here’s the right answer: in order to become and stay optimally fit, a tiger needs to move the way tigers move in their natural biome.  It is that simple.  Tigers will move naturally when they’re free to live the natural life every tiger should live; as will all other wild animals.
Throughout their entire life and without discontinuity, wild animals will move the way nature and evolution intends them to, simply because in nature, moving naturally and staying fit is essentially a matter of survival.  If you can’t move, you’re inexorably condemned to an imminent death.  Every newborn animal will start developing his or her species-specific movement aptitudes very early for this very reason.
Bird doing a "wing muscles workout"?
Dolphin "functional fitness" exercise?
Squirrel burning calories through agility drills?
Snake engaging the "core"?
Young human being moving naturally even in unnatural environments
The young “human animal” possesses the exact same drive to move.  He wants to move naturally all the time, even in artificial, man-made environments.  Call them “hyperactive” or “ADD” as much as you want, but kids know what’s important and priority, and moving is important and priority to them.  It is a “built-in” program, a fundamental part of their genetic agenda, just like in any other young animal.  Can you expect children to become healthy and fit if you deprive them of their evolutionary birthright to natural motion?  Should you wait until they are in their teenage years to expose them to “real” fitness and give them video games to play in the meantime?  Lastly, why should such an evolutionarily natural movement activity be reserved to and practiced by only children?
More questions:
If wild animals can become extremely fit this natural way, why on Earth should it be any different for humans?  Because they’re animals and we’re not?  Because we are smart and they’re not?  Because we are more advanced and evolved today?  Or…
Because we know better?
There are fundamental questions that need to be addressed in my opinion: can we reinvent ourselves?  And, if yes, to what extent?  Can we discard our “true nature”, i.e. our universal, biological nature, which includes our human species-specific movement aptitudes?
While humans today are being presented with thousands of alternatives to keep in shape, how many of them are relevant to our own essential human species-specific movement needs and potential?
Serious fitness?
I believe, and can actually observe, that an overwhelming majority of the modern fitness industry has completely lost sight of our original physical aptitudes.  It provides methods that are significantly divorced from our original movement modes.  The muscle isolation approach does not work.  The body does not work in isolation, but through and thanks to movement.
There is more to building a body that just growing muscles.  And there is more to building a being that just building their body.  Lastly, people get bored!  Why would you stick to doing anything that doesn’t feel natural to you?  Isn’t there a way we can physically and optimally develop ourselves, while staying faithful to our evolutionarily natural heritage?
You see, in our modern world, all fitness regimens are accessory and optional.  It is up to each and every individual to decide if they want to exercise or not, and how.  Even walking has already become an option.  But like it or not, moving naturally still is, and always will be a biological necessity.  When you are not respecting the needs of your true biological nature, you become a “zoo-human” and the price to pay is physical, mental, and even spiritual suffering.
So isn’t it high time for a healthy and meaningful paradigm shift in the way society and the fitness industry approaches fitness?  In the way you are personally approaching exercising?  Aren’t you thirsty for authentic human movement?"
Erwan Le Corre
Founder of MovNat and Master Instructor

I agree wholeheartedly with Erwan's ideas!  

But, I do have some insights that will ADD to what he has to offer, I think in a very productive, and under-utilized vein of physical culture.  Too much for today, I will make it the focus of my next post.


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