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Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting Rid of Eyeglasses!

I wore eyeglasses from my teens, until I was in my late 50's...

I never really thought about it much, except that it was kind of a pain.  Especially when exercising, skiing, playing sports- come to think about it, it kind of got in the way in almost everything I loved doing!  Except for maybe reading...

And, my prescription got stronger every time I went in for a checkup!  I never thought about it, but my eyes were steadily getting weaker, year after year, even while my progressively strength trained body got stronger.  It was only when I found out about the supreme importance of nutrition, specifically the paleo diet of real food- meat, seafood, vegetables, healthy fats, nuts seeds and fruits- that is when my health took a dramatic turn for the better!

But this is about eyesight, right?  
Here is a link for you: Are eyeglasses a scam?

But, for now, just remember this- eyeglasses are casts for your eyes!  

If you wear a cast on your arm, what happens?  That's right, the arm in the cast withers, and weakens- and quite quickly and dramatically, too!!

Wear these "casts" on your eyes, year after year, and what can you expect but dramatic decrease in eye sight strength?  How can you avoid this?

First off- don't get stronger prescriptions!  Insist on a slightly weaker prescription, if you are already wearing glasses.  Get one just strong enough that you can, with some effort, make out what you are looking at.  Do this, and the next time you go to the Eye Dr., get an even weaker prescription.

I know this sounds strange, but let me say this: I no longer wear glasses at all, and this is after over 40 years of wearing them!  I can't tell you how liberating it feels, in more ways than just improved eyesight!
One of the major benefits I have noticed is that, since my left eye was considerably weaker than my right eye, and the right, intuitive side of the brain controls the left eye, my creative side was stifled and controlled by the left, dogmatic, purely logical side of my brain!

Now that my left eye is stronger than my right, it has wrought a profound personality "shift", making me a much more creative, free-thinking, live-in-the-moment kind of person.  Also, I believe that just the constant act of looking at life through little lenses puts you in the position of being "removed" from the action- makes you more of an "observer" than as a real, living, participant in life!

Leaving glasses behind is really that life changing!

OK, so how do you do it?  Simple- just don't wear glasses when you don't need them! (First step)
It depends how bad your vision has deteriorated, but many of us really don't need glasses as soon as we get up, to walk to the bathroom- yet we often put them on immediately!  Don't!

If you can read without glasses, don't put them on!  If you need them currently to drive, take them off when you get there!  When you read, move the print back just enough that you can make out the print.  Don't make it too easy- make your eyes work- and periodically look up, and focus on something farther away.  If you are far sighted, do the opposite!  Move the print closer; make your eyes focus just "on the edge" of where it starts to go out of focus.

You get the idea!  Gradual eye improvement will happen, if you let it, naturally!  Just minimize the unnatural times you immobilize your eyes behind the casts of eyeglasses or contact lenses!  

One other thing I'm convinced of is that, just as in all else in health, eating a paleo, or ancestral diet, consisting of REAL FOODS and devoid of grains, sugars, and industrial seed oils if paramount in restoring and building the health of your eyesight, or of any other part of your body or your mind! 
Nutrition can make or break anything you do- it really is that important!!

Work at your vision, and you may, like me, surprise yourself and become free of glasses!

Here is another excellent link:

Just be persistent, and get in touch with an optometrist that works in Behavioral Optometry!  
Other optometrists tend to be...resistant to working with your desire to lessen your prescription.  Just as most standard MD's tend to be resistant to the idea of "Letting nutrition be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food", despite the fact that that last is a quote from Hippocrates, the founder of Western Medicine, whom all Medical Doctors are sworn to follow!  Ironic, I know, but there are good an bad doctors, just like there are good and bad in all walks of life...

I found Dr. Ann Wonderling in my area of La Crosse, Wisconsin, and she is "wonderful" to work with indeed!
BEFORE-Just getting started...

AFTER- in touch with my creative side 3 years later...

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