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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

What is Most Important in Your Life NOW? podcast

 Hello, and welcome to the Smoothie Cafe!   We are here traditionally discussing health and fitness from a Paleo Diet point of view.  A smoothie, made preferably in a Vitamix, is key to maximizing your nutritional density intake, and that is still my belief.  But as in anything looked at honestly for a while, say 10 years or more as it is here, new facts come in, and opinions alter…

As it is in life!  When you are young, say in your teens and twenties, you are rightly concerned with getting started in life.  You want to be strong and healthy, but much of it is to attract and establish a life with a like-minded mate.  This is right and natural.

Much of your youth is fixated on finding the proper path (job), and the right place to live, and raise a family.  Traditionally, this was just on finding a place to live near your job, that was safe and with good schools, etc.  But, with the advance of Democratic socialism/liberalism, this has been perverted.  Now, you need to find a place that is not contaminated by ‘wokeism’ and liberalism, which can transform a city or area into a place where:

1. Crime is not punished, and criminals run free. 

(This includes nowadays all blue, democrat-run liberal cities, which are virtually ALL big cities!)

2.  Schools are teaching nonsense and anti-civilization like ‘Whites are evil’, ‘White Privilege’, and other aspects of Critical Race Theory, which is total poison and a total lie.

3. ‘Trans’ and other Woke garbage.  LGBTQ and all the rest of anti-civilization garbage.  

It’s hard to believe to me, who grew up in the 1950’s, that we are even talking about such disgusting craziness, and that young people have to deal with and process this crap.  But it is there today, sadly!

I am now officially old- 71.  I have grandchildren!  While I still am very concerned with health and wellness, and am very much still a ‘physical culturist’ (NOT a bodybuilder), I realize at this stage that  the health of our country, state, and nation is just as important to the future.  

And, even though myself, wife and family are all fit and healthy, side-stepping most ‘big medicine’ misdirections, such as in covid vaccines and statin prescriptions, much of our population and so-called leaders are still very misinformed and are ‘loose cannons’ of bad information and direction!

Here are my conclusions:  

If you are older, like me- work out daily!  Do stretching and ‘virtual resistance’ training, in front of the TV, every morning first thing.  30 minutes to an hour; you will enjoy it!  

Also, work out with resistance training like pushups, especially on gymnastic rings, and work your whole body. Do rows and pullups, situps and squats and deadlifts.  At least two times per week, forever.  Don’t ever stop.

And this, for every age: 

Work out- same prescription!  From 12- 112.  Walk in your daily life, best is barefoot in the woods, on the grass.  Sleep at least 8 hours per night, in total darkness- banish TV’s and other screens from your bedroom.  Blackout curtains and white noise can help, if you haven’t taken my other advice, and gotten the HELL out of big cities and suburbs with blue light and noise coming from everywhere!

If you are younger, with a young family or planning on one- 

Get out of big cities!  Get our of big suburbs, in metropolitan areas (They are all liberal/blue/socialist/communistic). 

Get Out Now!  It may not be possible in future!

Make sure you are in a red state, or at least purple one.  And go rural; small towns are better than larger, small cities are much better than large, and so it goes.  The further you go into rural, self-sufficient, ‘Little House on the Prairie’ types of settlements, the more conservative, Republican, and traditional types of fellow citizens you will find.  

The bottom line, really?


To paraphrase the great John Wesley:  “As much as you can, as often as you can, and as completely as you can!”

This means big government, big Pharma, big Departments of Education, Big Agriculture- all of it!  They are now all very corrupt, and not concerned with your interests, at all.  

This is all the important stuff.  On top of this?  In Paleo land??

Carnivore diet is a great revelation, really.  Keto was supposed to be the ‘next big thing’?  Well, it is- just look at the magazines at the supermarket checkout lanes.  It’s all KETO!!

Sorry.  It’s stupid; needlessly complex, and assures you that you can keep consuming your addictive carbs, if you only smother them with fats…

Nope.  If you want a ‘reset’ from Paleo or anything else: just Go Carnivore.  The original, EARLY Paleo, NO CARB DIET.  

Just meat, eggs and cheese.  Simple and VERY effective!!

Do that for a few months, whether young or old.  You will be naturally healthy, and can get off of all medications.  Do It!  The meds are a big part of the problem of modern health.

Now, all is well in your world.  No meds, not sick body.  Vaccines are something you know to avoid, and your whole family is healthy and happy!  You know to rely on your neighbors, not big government, to homeschool your children and teach them history, English and reality!

Now, everything will be perfect in your life- 


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