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Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Key to Health Wellness and Fitness podcast

 It’s really rather simple, becoming or staying fit and healthy: consistency!  Not herculean efforts that leave you drained done sporadically, or plugging away, jogging and walking for endless distances.  Neither is natural, or desirable.

The best strategy to life, as well as strength, health, and fitness is to just do things daily, or nearly so.  A simple list will do, really.

Go to bed early.  Sleep 8 hours, or more

Exercise first thing!  In front of the TV is best, stimulating your mind along with your body.  Virtual exercise, generating resistance within your own muscles as you move each limb is the foundation (see Perfectly Paleo Exercise).  These are also called Tiger Moves, since it is similar to how cats exercise themselves.  Then stretch a lot, on the floor- come up with a routine than covers your whole body- it should feel great, not painful at all, and energize rather than deplete you.  

Do targeted strength work two times per week.  Pushups, pull-ups, dips, ring work, squats, kettlebell swings, etc.  Total time should be about 30 minutes or less.  You should be tired, but not exhausted.  Listen to podcasts or music here!  I like it in the early afternoon.

Eat breakfast.  A big one is best, with eggs, sausage, a smoothie and coffee with cream.  (I have my first cup during my workout).  

That is the bulk of your fitness work, every day.  It is all lumped into the morning, so you really do need to get your sleep, and be ready to get up early!  Once you have gotten up and worked out, showered, fueled your body properly, and then made a lunch to eat at work that is paleo/carnivorish approved, with meat and veggies, a little fruit- usually leftovers from supper the night before, why your work is all done!  

Now, you go to work, and work seems easy, because all that you really needed to do for your health and wellness is accomplished.  You go serenely about your day, knowing your health and wellness are all taken care of.  You should feel relaxed and happy, because you are fulfilling your own needs first, and freeing yourself for the needs and wants of others!

And this is key, because helping others, either through our work, or through our church activities, or our hobbies such as music, art, or outdoor projects is really the purpose of our lives.  Reading is huge, and best done in the when fresh, and nighttime binge watching of Netflix or Amazon Prime is a horrible time-suck.  

Only watch movies and such-like in the mornings, as you exercise!

This will keep you addicted to exercise better than anything!  The evenings are for reading, making and eating supper, preparing next days lunch, conversing with family, and relaxing by taking a walk in the woods.

After that, I find playing and singing music is best for me, along with YouTubes about ‘how to do’ certain things, along with history and politics.

The best part about this prescription?  It’s daily, it’s sustainable, and it is FUN.  You are living like a real human, attending to your own needs yourself, and not flailing about seeking fake pleasures, eating awful fast foods and wasting your life on reality TV and situation comedy shows, and ultimately feeling empty and going to medical clinics to find out why you are so sick, and falling into the pit of drugs and despair that most Americans today are in.

Each day, you will awaken with at strong sense of purpose; driven by your own quest of health to also seek the health of your family, community, and ultimately our state and nation!  If we are healthy within ourselves, only then can we actively and effectively help others.


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