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Monday, November 2, 2020

It's Not Racism- It's IQ podcast

 Lately in the United States, and throughout the western world, the primary problem being focussed on is white racism.  This malady we supposedly possess en masse, even if we deny it or don’t know it, explains everything!  It tells us that all of the massive dysfunction, wildly out-of-proportion crime and violence, substandard performance in school, careers, and simply the inability to care for both themselves and their families and neighborhoods is explainable by one factor and one factor only- White Racism!  

Name your flavor: systemic, unconscious, universal; whatever you call it, it is all the fault of white people (Asians are also often implicated in this grand scheme nowadays), and none of it at all is the fault of black people of African descent at all.

But what if there is another, obvious, and far simpler explanation?  One that is well documented for over a century?  The one that says the IQ, or the average intelligence of blacks is lower than that of either whites, or especially Asians?  And quite a bit lower, on average, at that?  

Wouldn’t this simple fact explain perfectly the underperformance of blacks academically,  and explain their poor performance in all other aspect of civilized, western living?  And isn’t the simplest, most obvious answer to a problem usually the preferred solution?  

Of course, we are talking average, or mean IQ here, which explains the overall group performance.  There are still individual blacks who are quite intelligent; but the overall average of blacks is far lower than that of either whites or Asians.  

An average black African IQ averages out to be 70.  A white Westerner averages about 100, and the Asian is 105.  An African American is about 85 or so on average, depending upon their white DNA admixture.    Given these figures, is it really necessary to implicate racism as the cause for black underachievement?  Or to explain the dismal state of black dominated countries or even cities, wherever they are located?  The numbers tell the tale.

An IQ score of less than 70 is considered borderline mental retardation in the Western world.  It is the intellectual average ability of an 8-10 year old child, who has the ability to function on his own, but who requires guidance.  This explains very well why Africa under colonialism was so very much more successful than it is now, with black rule.

Now, I know that many of you, if not most, will find these facts (and yes, they are indeed facts) unpalatable.  Perhaps you are one of those blacks whose IQ is quite high- if so, you should be able to discern the obvious logic of this position.  But, more likely, you are one of the many liberal, elite whites who have been indoctrinated for your entire life on the importance of altruism, which has reached the point of being pathological altruism.   This is where you agitate for things that are not only untrue because they make you feel as if you are being a ‘good person’, but actually push for things that destroy your own civilization and well-being of yourself and others because you have been convinced that somehow it is the right thing to do.

Things like opening your borders to unskilled and uneducated 3rd worlders, ultimately displacing your own people.  Things like ‘defunding the police’ because the vast majority of crimes committed are done by blacks, and usually (but not always- you are not immune just because you are ‘down with the cause’), and quotas for everything, just because blacks underperform across the board…

It’s not racism- they just plain do worse.  Except, of course, at athletics, where on average they excel.  No one disputes this; why then is there no affirmative action or quotas for Asians in the NBA?  

The college educated/indoctrinated, especially women because they in general ‘mean well’ have been manipulated by the world global elites.  These people want a one-world, communistic type of globe, one which they run.  Autocratically, of course, with no input from us lowly citizens who do the work.  I think they’ve decided that a ‘dumbed down’ mixed type of population will be far less trouble than high IQ, independent folks who question things and speak up.  And so, massive illegal and legal immigration suits their agenda.

The Marxist dogma these elites worship in lieu of any god has been switched from the original class struggle (which never played out like Marx expected, since freedom and capitalism made everyone so well off!), to one of race struggle.  This is perfect for them, because since the differences are all innate due to IQ differences, inequalities will always continue, since some groups will vastly underperform due to their own lesser intelligence.  It is the perfect, endless, unfair (emphasis on ‘unfair’) results, because there will never be an equality of outcome.  There is only an equality of opportunity.  

Different people, and peoples, do better at different things- we are not all the same!!  This is just a fact.

I feel compelled to bring up this important issue as our cities burn and are looted by a false, leftist struggle to endlessly insist that all races and peoples are identical.  Do not be misled- we may all be equal in the eyes of God, but in this imperfect world, we must always do the best we have with what we have evolved to be.  

To do any less, to deny the obvious by ignoring our reason and going with the evil agenda of the Left, celebrities, and self-serving corporate elites, we play into their hands, and disinherit our children from the very civilization and countries that our ancestors built and bequeathed to us.  That is truly evil, and goes against our evolutionary heritage!  Don’t do it. 

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