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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Be a Hero on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast

I hate luxury. I exercise moderation…It will be easy to forget your vision and purpose once you have fine clothes, fast horses and beautiful women. [In which case], you will be no better than a slave, and you will surely lose everything.’

That quote is from Genghis Khan.  Now, he is no hero to me, but still his words ring with truth.  Whatever Genghis was, he certainly was successful!  He conquered the largest land mass in all of history; he was kind of an Eastern Alexander the great.  

I think the quote is germane, because what I see in the modern, Western world is a falling away from virtue, from our ancient traditions and ideals.  We have allowed ourselves to become slothful, to be liberal in our thinking, since that makes us look  politically correct and fashionable.  In England, France, Sweden, and much of the rest of Europe in the E.U., we have not only allowed endless migration from non-western peoples into our advanced, high IQ, wealthy cultures; but we have paid for it all in welfare dollars!  Our leaders have rolled out the red carpet for the invaders who despise us, and are displacing us from the cultures, cities, and countries our ancestors have built.

As Genghis foretold, we are now in the process of “losing everything”.  We have too much- we have had it too good, living in well heated and air conditioned environments, taking endless television, electric conveniences, and all of our other luxuries for granted.  IN fact- we no longer even think of such things as two or more vehicles, multiple TVs and elaborate kitchens ( in which most of us never even cook, relying on takeout orders instead), and clean water and trash removal and sewage treatment and… well, the list goes on and on!  

They all are now our rights!  And, in our hubris, we now, especially those of us on the LEFT insist that this luxury list is not ours at all, not really- it is for the whole world!  If we have it, so should they!!

Never mind that their own, low IQ countries can never, and will never be able to build such systems for themselves in their own countries- it is up to us, the despised, racist, white European to provide it for them- in our own countries.

Genghis hated cities, and civilization.  His whole purpose was to destroy civilization and all it built, leveling the wonderful buildings and temples of the West and the East, returning all once again to the bare, grassy plains of Central Asia, where horses could run free.  He was evil, but he did perceive correctly that riches and luxury corrupt and ruin a people.  And that is why, logically for him, he decided that riches and luxury should be destroyed- only then would the youth not be tempted by decadence and bad thinking and living.  

Everyone sees clearly and distinctly when dealing with the basics- life and death, conquest or defeat, freedom or slavery.  

And rest assured, what we are facing now is the very survival of our Ancestral, paleo, Western civilization!  Letting Mulsims, our sworn ancient enemies, within our borders, is eventual domination and slavery- for US.  They know it, even if we smile, and welcome them in a misguided attempt at a one-sided so-called friendship.  They hate us, and laugh at us as we do their bidding.

Likewise, a collapse of our morals, where now the Left celebrates 11 year old drag queens on television, and lets utter lawlessness rule our inner cities (all of them!) because to arrest these rapists, murderers, and thiefs would be RACIST.  

WHAT?? Just because the vast majority of violent criminals are black?  How is that our fault?  A criminal is a criminal; race is utterly and completely irrelevant.  

All of this is birthed in a society marinated in luxury, and privilege, and a total insulation from reality.  Children and young adults, cloistered in expensive, lily-white suburbs, who decry ‘white privilege’, which does not exist, and scream about oppression, which also does not exist.  Not here, in Western civilization.  But it is alive and well in Africa, and the middle east, oh yes indeed- slavery there is still alive and well too!

Western Civilization is just too successful.  In fact, Civilization now is Western Civilization- nothing else exists anymore- we are that successful!

And now, we are beleageured from within and without about how evil we are.  Even as the whole world struggles mightily to migrate to the pure evil that they say is Western Civilization!  And they are swamping us with numbers!!

So, what to do, for a paleo western person, wanting to maintain the civilization that he and his ancestors built and maintain?  

Be a hero!  Embody the many great, dead white males that are so denigrated today.  Become the essence of Alexander the Great, Socrates, and Winston Churchill.  George Patton and George Washington, Lincoln and Robert E. Lee!

Don’t be a politically correct, Leftist, Democrat shill!!  Be a true patriot, a proud Western man or woman, who stands by what you believe and won’t back down.  Provide for yourself and your family, protect your tribe!  Own a gun, and prepare to use it.  Patrol your neighborhood, and be proud of it.  Defend your tribal homelands!

Above all, think for yourself.  Just as you figured out that 90% (at least) of common health advice is just plain wrong- realize that 99% (at least) of political information is just as misleading.  

Stand up and be a hero!  Imagine you are Achilles in the bright and shining golden armor, leading the attack on the invading dark hordes.  For, in the last analysis, that is exactly what you, me, and the rest of us are.  

A Shield Wall against Invasion!

As Alexander himself said:
 In the end, when it's over, all that matters is what you've done.