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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Gain Maximum Strength in 10 MInutes per Day on Paleo Quick Tip of the Day

Isometrics with Chains and Incentive!

This is not a misprint or a mistaken statement: you can indeed gain your own ultimate strength potential in 10 minutes per day!

I mean that sincerely.  Now, it won’t bulk you up like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it WILL make you as strong as you, given your own frame and bodyweight, can be.  In FACT, this protocol will make you extremely ripped and lean, and strong beyond what anyone would ever suspect!  

Now, doesn’t that sound about perfect, really?  Who really wants to bulk up, especially after the age of 30 or so? Isn’t lean, sculpted strength and ability really what we are all after?  Especially amongst women- what woman wants to be bulky?   Don’t we all want strength and functional ability, strength that includes that of tendons and ligaments, and is there for us lifelong.  Real world strength and resiliance- the power to lift heavy things without injury, to manhandle weights and resistance beyond what the vast majority of our contemporaries can budge!  And for our whole lives long.

This goal can be achieved easily, and as I said in the title, in less than 10 minutes per day.  I do it in front of the television, each and almost every morning.  

You can use a nylon strap to do so, as I did for years, instead of a huge iron power rack such as serious weight lifters do!  I have one of those, and used it for years, but you don’t need one really- a strap or two will do.

There is a forearm forklift strap widely available that is ideal: two straps that are intended to be used to lift furniture and appliances, using the forearms to make the load much easier to handle when moving.  But actually, any strap that is 3 inches or so in width, that can handle a thousand pounds or more, is ideal.

The secret is Isometrics- pushing against an unmoveable resistance!  

Stand on the strap, let’s say you start on your left foot: push up as if you are lifting a heavy dumbell with your left arm overhead.  Only push a little above shoulder height, but push gradually as hard as you can- for about 5 seconds.  

Pause, and repeat: for 6 seconds.  Pause then again, and push as hard as you can for 7 or 8 seconds!  
You have just stimulated your left shoulder girdle, including tendons and ligaments along with the musculature to increase vastly in power and strength.

Next, do the same thing, but push at the half way point above shoulder height, 3 times again.  Then, just short of lockout, repeat 3 times.

You have just achieved, in a tiny amount of time, as you watched television, strengthening your entire left shoulder girdle maximally, and without risk of injury at all, in about a minute or so!

This is the beauty of isometrics!  Now, repeat the same protocol with the right hand. Another minute well spent!  

And so it goes, the most efficient 10 minutes you will ever spend, and you can do it daily to great effect!

After your shoulders, do curls with the exact same left-right protocol, and then do upright rows, followed by lateral shoulder raises, and then bent rows on each side, and finish up with deadlifts against the strap, from low to high, 3x; and finish with front squats against the strap from low to high.

You will be working against an unmovable resistance.  Don’t hold your breath, and breathe as you push, especially with the deadlifts and squats.  Don’t hold back your effort- after all, it is only a matter of seconds, culminating in minutes overall!

Believe it or not, this simple regimen will result in amazing strength increases over your entire body, with the visual results to match!  Pair this with a simple paleo diet of natural real foods, like meats and pastured eggs, no vegetable oils or grains, lots of green veggies and no processed foods: you will become the healthiest happiest you that you can possibly be!!

No gym membership, no “spinning” or jogging or weightlifting needed at all.  Just 10 minutes in the morning, and strict attention to diet.

BUT, if you are like me, you will like your results, and will want to take it a little farther:  

As long as you have already done your 10 essential minutes: why not infuse your muscles with oxygenating blood, since you are already watching TV in the early morning, before anyone else is up?  
So some pushups, and straight-legged situps.  And stretch for God’s sake, on the floor, increasing your mobility along with your rapidly increasing strength and resilience!  

It’s not a big time commitment, and you will find, as I have, that the payoff in health, strength, and simply in how wonderful you feel will be more than worth it!!

In fact, you will probably want to go even further into ancestral living, and will find yourself walking barefoot in a park or woodland, and doing pushups on gymnastic rings a couple of times per week-  

This is what is known as a positive addiction.