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Friday, January 11, 2019

Stay Away From Doctors, Dentists, and Hospitals pqtd podcast # 1 of season 9!

Veterinarians too!  I know that to most folks this statement seems extreme, irresponsible, and downright crazy.  And, if it does to you, it means you are one of the indoctrinated, and I would encourage you to think it through, and give me the suspension of your disbelief for a little while.

Every time you go to the doctor, you will be recommended (actually, pretty much ordered to undergo a plethora of tests and ‘services’, where your blood is tested, blood pressure taken, cholesterol measured, and dozens of other procedures that will absolutely insist that you are on the brink of death, or at least of severe diseases!  

I don’t care who you are, or how healthy and wonderful you felt when you arrived at the clinic- these tests prove that you need lots of expensive medications, possibly a surgery or two, and some very expensive procedures that will cost you, or your insurance, or medicare, or someone tons of money.  All payable to that hospital, doctor, and clinic, thank you very much!

For instance: last year they changed the blood pressure guidelines.  Where a few years ago, 160- 100 was considered pre-hypertension, and even higher was OK if you were over 60, now they have lowered the first diastolic number first to 140, then 130- and now 120!  And, advanced age be damned- that means everyone has high blood pressure, for grade schoolers to seniors.  So- want to buy some meds??  

You also need statins, you know those medicines that lower cholesterol- cholesterol, which is actually one important tool used by the body to repair damage??  Why would you want to lower an important bodily component such as that?  And with another (expensive) drug, just loaded with side effects, like muscle wasting, heart damage, muscle pain, and the list goes on.  

So, I hope you are seeing a pattern here:  They all want to sell you stuff!    Never is addressing the root cause mentioned, except with useless outdated advice to ‘eat less fat, eggs, and red meat’, and ‘eat less calories’.  Very bad advice indeed.  Oh, and ‘lower your salt consumption’- only valid for a tiny minority of people who are salt sensitive.  

Be your own doctor, it is the only thing that actually works.  Cut sugars, not fat!  Eat more fat, in fact, and more red meat.  Don’t eat vegetable oils like margarine or corn oil or canola or soy or any other of those poisons.  Mainly, eat animal sources of food, and if you can handle greens, eat them as well.  (Be aware that plant foods are loaded with protective chemicals produced by the plant itself, to prevent it from being eaten).  Like oxalates, which cause kidney stones, and prevent your body from utilizing the many minerals within them.  Spinach, beet greens- these are vegetables that just aren’t worth consuming.  Kidney stones can result, and I am here to tell you they are incredibly painful!

Exercise daily, and no marathon sessions of ‘cardio’, just short bursts of what I call Perfectly Paleo Exercise.  Strength building, stretching, and getting out in the natural world- these things build true strength, health, and fitness.  Gyms are another place to avoid- do it yourself, at home and outside.

If you start by cutting sugars and grains, and eating meat and fat along with green smoothies, your health will improve dramatically, inside and out.  And then you will never need any prescription drugs, for anything, as long as you don’t go in and get sold on some by the snake oil doctor you visit.  Remember- Doctors don’t usually read the latest scientific literature and studies at all.  They learn what they ‘should’ give you by the drug reps that come to visit them, bearing gifts, i.e. Bribes.  

You will find that you will no longer have tooth or gum issues, either- a good paleo type of diet will send such issues into remission, despite what any dentist will tell you.  In addition, if you have wonderful nutrition, uncomplicated by the side effects of drugs- you also will be mentally healthy.  Depression will not haunt you, and remember that drug side-effects are what often causes depression.

Even veterinarians:  did you know that once your dog or cat gets the rabies vaccine, they are safe for life.  Each subsequent vaccination is just a way to get you to bring your pet in, and get you to pay another huge bill.  Most pet vaccines are unnecessary for normal animals living in a household, and each one is not only expensive, but hazardous to the animal’s health.  

Just as are human vaccines!  Don’t get me started on the endless, combined, mercury laden vaccines on infants- awful!  AND the absolutely non-science based flu vaccine, which has almost no efficacy against the flu (since no one knows the current strains that might pop up), and many side effects, like headaches, depression, and vomitting.

Caveat Emptor- buyer beware!  For you are, after all a buyer in the doctoring environment.  They don’t do anything for free, and it is their advantage- always- to upsell you!  There are wonderful medical people, just as there are in all other fields- but, there are awful charlatans as well, not only in other fields like used car salesmen and card sharks, but also in the most renumerative field of all: Medicine.