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Monday, January 28, 2019

Ancestral Living and YOUR Tribe! PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe Podcast

There is a modern phenomenon in modern times, at least in the advanced, complex, high intelligence European world: the indiscriminate importing of Low IQ populations into Western European civilization.

Think about this from an ancestral perspective:

You live in a tribe in northern Europe, but it could be virtually anywhere in the world.  (I just use northern Europe to keep it relatable, since my listeners and readers are vastly of that ancestry.)
Your tribe, as all tribes are, is incredibly focused on defense of its borders, and maintaining its territory!  The world is an incredibly hostile place, and evolution has programmed you to be so focused.
Unfortunately, an Evil King has taken over your lands, and oredered you to aquiesce to his evil dictates!  (In England and Germany this would be an Evil Queen in the present day.)

Dictate number one, crazily: is to take into your tribal lands people who have been your enemies since time immemorial!  Those who have fought you for centuries, who hate you, and only want to turn your people into slaves.  Let’s call them Muslims.

But, in addition- the evil rulers also want you to take into your country, not only your hereditary enemies- but also- LOW IQ PEOPLE FROM COUNTRIES THAT HAVE NO CONCEPT WHATSOEVER OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION- AND, who could not even comprehend it if they did.  Parasites.

Also, in the ultimate in ridiculousness, your evil rulers have put into place a Welfare System- a system where, unbelievably really- those low intelligence people from starving countries that are brought into you tribal homelands, are given all they need for free!  No work necessary, although for the native tribal people, work is mandatory.  What the natives produce is taken by force, and given to these low IQ PARASITES,  because that is what the evil queens have decreed.

Does any of this sound familiar, despite how ridiculous it seems overall??

Well welcome to our modern, Western, pathologically altruistic world!  For that, unfortunately, is where we are today.  The Western, civilized, European world is being doomed by its own patholigically altruistic nature.  Let me explain:

Eons ago, some humans moved northwards from Africa, mixing with Neanderthals.  With light skin, higher intelligence, and other advantages, they set out to survive the northern winters.

While their brethren back in Africa evolved physically for the hunt, those who had moved (and mixed) in the north, evolved to plan, think, and thus survive!  Those that did not plan, or think- died out.  Those that did- lived to breed, have large families, and survive- even in a harsh environment!

This is your European tribe.  In spite of all odds, over time- they did very well- very well indeed!  By evolving to their harsh environment, they learned to not only survive, but to cooperate.

For, especially during the Ice Ages, when survival chances were at their worst- it turned out that those tribes, and people who could cooperate, who could feel the stirrings of altruism and compassion were thus ennabled to survive the incredibly strenuous and awful hardness of these ages of ice and snow.

They learned to cooperate in the hunt, taking down mammoths with primitive weapons of flint attached to wooden spears, and then butchering them with the same flint blades for dispersement to the European tribes that required this nutritiion!  And this was no small thing, not at all.

Meanwhile, back in Africa, back in the easy southern climes, things were very different: the hunt, along with the gathering, was available constantly.  Unfortunately, endless warfare was also an option, so black tribal aggression never had to stop, since cooperation, altruism, and compassion were all viewed as fool’s errands in such an easy land, where only physical might determined who ( and who’s people) survived!

Fast forward thousands of years:

The whites, who mixed with the Neanderthals with their larger brains (from being northern dwellers dealing with planning and adversity), evolved into more intelligent beings.  From the 8th century BC to the 1950’s- they made 98% of the scientific and technological discoveries of the modern age!!

The Asians did alright as well, since they also, given their more northern clime, were forced to plan and adapt.  But, since they had far less Neanderthal DNA, and were also admixed with Denisovan stock- for whatever reason, they did not have the ability to innovate like the Whites did.  But they survived, and thrived- actually, almost too much, since their numbers were far too much!

The Present:

Hordes, hundreds of thousands of low IQ southerners are being imported into the North!  They are coming, not for freedom, or any other reason than this-

Free stuff from White People!!

Since we are from a cooperative, compassionate (especially in the case of our women) society: We Welcome Them!

Thousands of years ago, we would instantly have recognized them as INVADERS!

For that is what they are, obviously.  They don’t want to “join our tribe”, they really can’t, given their low intellect.  They want us to give them what we have, that is the bottom line!

And so- don’t be politically ‘corrrect’!  These Southron invaders are the enemy.  Deal with it as a real Northron!  As a defender of Western Civilization!!

Socialism is a cancer, and really an Invasion.  You support it, and you are supporting the extermination of your Tribe, your Tribe of Western Civilization, which is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD! 

Literally.  If white people, Europeans, are eliminated:  So is Civilization.