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Monday, September 18, 2017

Skin Health Shows Overall Health! New podcast for PJSC

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A very important component of health is skin health.  In a large way, the health of your skin is directly related to your diet and lifestyle: if you eat a good paleo type of diet, in other words eating foods that enhance your health rather than those that cause inflammation on a daily basis, why then your skin will be clear and supple, smooth and healthy.  

This is because if you eat things like grain products and sugars on a regular basis, especially if it is daily, you are subjecting your gut lining to constant insult!  The actual mechanism is rather involved, since there are so many damaging components of modern wheat, which is very different from the ancient Einkorn strain of wheat that is mentioned in the bible.  This modern wheat contains a “super starch” that encourages the body to store fat at the same time that it damages our gut lining severely, opening the junctures within the lining to invaders in our digestive system that gain access right into our bodies through these “holes” within our intestinal lining.

Even if you don’t have full blown celiac disease, which is an absolute total intolerance to gluten, most folks have gluten sensitivity.  They simply do much better when gluten is eliminated from their diet- this is most people!  They lose fat weight, and they are not prone to acid reflux, diabetes, and even heart disease and cancer.  All by simply eliminating wheat from their diets!

Skin health is kind of the ‘canary in the coal mine’.  This skin is the largest organ on the body, and so any deterioration of the gut lining allowing the incursion of invaders into the body often shows up either in irritable bowel syndrome, or other obviously gut-induced illnesses, as well as in poor skin health- exzema, skin dryness and redness, psoriasis, acne, and most other skin problems.  On the skin, we can see when damage is occurring in the gut- it is that simple!  
Another thing about wheat is the fact that it is sprayed  with glyphosate, which is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s insidious Roundup pesticide, which is sprayed in quantities ever-increasing on crops in the U.S., one of the biggest crops being wheat.  Biblical wheat was not laced with poison…

If I told you that if you would eliminate entirely one component of your diet, namely wheat, and that one step would make you much leaner, far less prone to autoimmune diseases that are the scourge of the modern world, and also unlikely to develop either heart disease or cancer, would that make it worthwhile to you?

And if I further mentioned that if you also limited sugar and other sweeteners to small amounts only, along with gluten free versions of bread products, you would gain a vibrant health and wellness that was far beyond your dreams- would you do it??

Not only would this achieve life-long health and wellness pretty much all by itself, it would also give you glowing, clear skin!  And then, if you added in the “icing on the cake” you would not be eating anymore- things like 8 good hours of sleep each night, daily exercise of the Perfectly Paleo Exercise type, including lots of stretching and mobility work, self-resisted and virtually resisted movements, along with calisthenics and walking barefoot in nature on a weekly basis—

Now your health will be about as perfect as it can be!

For your whole life.  

No gradual deterioration of your abilities that you now take for granted.  Imagine it- for your whole life long, your plan is to be a vital, strong, healthy man or woman.  Someone who can lift heavy things, sit on the ground and easily get up again, sprint for short distances, walk for long ones, and never to be reliant on the physical help of others to accomplish simple tasks of daily living!  

Chiefly, you need to clean up your diet, make it a paleo type of diet, and then to gradually add in the other things I mention above, ideally.  If you do so, you will gain your birthright- To lead a healthy, pain-free, healthy and vital life, all the way up until you die of old age.  Still strong, vital, and aware!  

This is how we were designed and evolved to live as healthy people for a lifetime.  Adapt your life to the way it was meant to be lived, and it will happen.