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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Eat Sulphorophane and Feel No Pain

Maybe you haven’t heard of sulphurophane.  Maybe you have.  But you need to know that it comes from cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli and cauliflower, as well as all of the greens that most folks don’t eat anymore!  Turnip greens, collards, cabbage and kale, brussels sprouts and surprisingly horseradish, which I love!

The thing is this: our ancestral relations all ate tons of such greens, plucked from the ground as they went about their day.  Tons!  On top of that, they did not eat sugar, and starchy flour products for the bulk of their calories; no, the bulk of their calories came from TONS of greens, along with meat and fat.  Come to think of it, they must have known about the paleo diet…

My point is this- my recommendation for anyone to become healthy, strong, vital and happy is to do the same as they did.  Eat tons (or at least lots) of greens on a daily basis, along with meat and other good protein sources, along with plenty of real fat.  The main things to avoid are vegetable oils, processed foods like bread and other grain products, and sugar.  That is really it on the avoidance side.  Simple!

What to eat?  Well, TONS of greens!  And sulphurophane has been isolated recently as an incredibly potent anti-oxidant that does everything, including the prevention and curing of cancer!  (That’s the latest)  Not to mention guarding against heart disease, protecting against diabetes, and helping hair grow and helping your vision. Oh, and it also causes weight loss- Sounds like a miracle, doesn’t it? 

And it is so easy to incorporate into your diet in a big way.  Broccoli sprouts are far, far more potent in sulphurophane than the actual vegetables- so, what I have been doing is to buy a package of the sprouts at the grocery, in the salad section now, and put them right into my smoothie.  Right along with the other cruciferous veggies I put in there- this is just a superpowered addition to that… the sprouts are 10 to 100 times more effective than the veggies themselves!

OH, and one more thing I want to put into your little paleo toolkit arsenal: while grass fed meat is the gold standard, I wouldn’t sweat it if I were you.  The main takeaway is just to avoid the actual grains and sugars (along with vegetable oils) in your diet.  That is about 95% of the battle, right there, if you also include all of the sulphurophane, fiber, and other benefits of tons of veggies each day, which is easy to incorporate if you are making a a big green paleo smoothie!

It is so easy to make the perfect the enemy of the good!  Of course, grass fed animal products are preferable- but, if you do everything else right, I wouldn’t sweat it.  Just avoid the obvious poisons, eat lots of good fats and meats, add in TONS of vegetables of all types, especially cruciferous ones, and you will not believe your results in health and wellness!

Oh, and throw in some exercise too, along with good sleep each and every night.  It really is that simple to be healthy and fit.

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