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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

pqtd podcast #113 Paleo is a Great Starting Point

Chris Kresser
Now that is a quote from Chris Kresser, who is a good one to be quoting from!  Chris is one of the leading voices in nutrition and wellness today, and in fact when I look up something technical, more times than not I type into google “Chris Kresser on- whatever it is!”  He is that good, so check him out at  You can always find something valuable.  Oh, and he has a podcast too!
The reason I like that quote so much is that it is so simple, and the very best advice usually is succinct, direct and simple.  Something we can latch onto immediately, and adopt into our lives. (And Health!) 
This about it: we all know what paleo eating, and living entails.  No bread or wheat products, almost no grains, real natural foods in minimally processed forms, pastured meats and dairy, some fruits, and loads and loads of vegetables!  A good night’s sleep each and every night, getting out into nature as often as possible, and good family and friends (tribal) relationships.  Some form of regular physical exercise, and a minimizing of stress in our lives.
Now, there can be infinite small variations of this formula.  Perhaps you can’t tolerate dairy, or maybe just some kinds of dairy.  Some folks can handle hard cheeses, but not soft ones.  Or Ghee, but not butter.  Perhaps you have trouble with fruit if you eat too much of it for you- lots of fruit can make you insulin resistant just like candy can.
Fermented foods can help our gut microbiome dramatically, as can probiotics and probiotics in the form of potato starch, plantains or apple cider vinegar.  Some can’t abide yogurt, or kefir.  Some of us are respond better to endurance based exercise, since they have more slow twitch muscle fibers, and vice versa.
But the takeaway point is just this: Paleo is a Great Starting Point!  Just get started, outlining what you need to change in your life to make both your life and your health better.  A step at a time is fine, you don’t need to jump in and do everything at once, perfectly.  Just get started with the basics. 
Stop eating processed foods, don’t go to fast food places.  Give up bread and cereal and pasta!  Just those things will get you about halfway there to Paleo good health!  Start making yourself a Paleo Smoothie to drink each and every day.  One canister full in my Vitamix, poured into Ball canning jars and put in my fridge can last me 3 or 4 days.  (Recipe is in the fabulous paperback or eBook version of PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe) or at

The final point to remember is that Paleo is a journey, not a destination.  Like our lives are, actually.  When I started this Paleo journey, I followed Loren Cordain’s advice to the letter- no potatoes, no dairy, in addition to the standard no wheat advice.  I immediately felt better!  In fact, my headaches and occasional upset stomach disappeared forever, immediately.  I became lean and defined, and would never go back.
But, since then, I have added in some potatoes, I learned about probiotics, I found that good, natural pastured dairy was great for me… the list goes on. I discover a new “wrinkle” in either optimizing my diet, my sleep, my skin health (dry brushing is something I have added in that I love!), or something new in exercise.  You be the same.  Just start with Paleo, and keep going, slow and steady. The goal is not to win a big race or contest, or to look fabulous in a certain dress or outfit.  The goal is to gradually make your life, strength and health better and better- your whole life long!

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