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Sunday, January 24, 2016

PJSC podcast #121- ALL modern disease is from a handful of causes!

We are at a watershed moment in America, both in terms of our country and it’s precarious position (which is what most people are fixated on, besides their own bank accounts and the precariousness there!), but even more importantly in terms of the very health of our people.
These same people are comforted, liking to say the “We have the best health system in the world!”
But, they are wrong- we have the best disease system in the world.  Our medical clinics have made a lucrative science out of managing disease, not curing it.  You can go to any medical clinic in this country, and they will treat the symptoms of your disease, and make no attempt to actually find the cause.  If you are very lucky, you will be given a 5 minute lecture telling you to “eat right, and exercise”, but there will be no particulars just how you are supposed to do that, and that will be the end of it, along with your latest prescription.
50% of all American adults has one or more chronic health conditions, and 25% have two or more.  Heart disease and cancer are the big two causes of death, and no medical center is really trying to cure them. Just manage the symptoms!
In functional medicine, there are just a few pathologies that underlie ALL chronic disease:
1. A messed up gut, with a poor micro biome
2. Insufficient nutrition, from modern processed food crap food
3. Heavy metal and pesticide toxicity
4. Undetected underlying infection, from dental bacteria, and tick borne infections
5. Chronic system inflammation, which causes a breakdown in the immune system

The thing a functional medical clinic will do is to deal with those pathologies, no matter what your modern disease.  They all stem from the same root causes:
1. Poor diet, without nearly enough natural, nutrient rich foods, poor lifestyle, with lots of stress and little to no proper exercise
2. Exposure to environmental toxins both by our city processed chemical and pesticide laden water, to non-organic fruits and vegetables, also loaded with pesticides, and glyphosate from our “immaculate” lawns and farm fields
3. Conventional medicines total disregard of these factors, making diagnosis and a real cure impossible

For now, you have to do it yourself!  Try to eat really, really well- a Paleo Smoothie each day is a wonderful start!  Oh, I can’t call it a Green Smoothie anymore, since now my favorite variation is RED- I add in a beet!  Vastly amped up nutrition, and I can tell you that beets in your smoothie will lower your blood pressure- guaranteed!
Besides eating well, you need to exercise in a natural, paleo manner, and attempt to lower your exposure to toxic chemicals as much as possible, by installing a vitamin C shower filter to block chlorasamines and chorine from being inhaled as you shower, and filtering your water if it is city water.  Do not use commercial toothpastes, makeup, lotions, shampoos or soaps; they are none of them natural anymore, and are slowly poisoning you.  And do NOT use Roundup or similar glyphosate poisons on your lawn- it is pure, unadulterated poison infecting both you, and especially your children.
There is, however, a glimmer of hope for modern medical clinics: the Cleveland Clinic had launched a Center for Functional Medicine, run by Dr. Mark Hyman, who is a functional medical doctor of the highest order!  So, there is hope glimmering in the future.  Think how much insurance companies would save long term, if they spent more on testing and diagnosing a disease upfront, rather than spending thousands and thousands over the long-term managing just the symptoms?
And, for another glimpse of hope, you can always get my new real, actual, paperback book from called PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe!  Here is the link to click on:

There is, of course, still the ebook version as well, but the paperback is just so, well, COOL!
So, things are starting to change.  Stay upbeat, spend time with family and friends, and spend a LOT of time outdoors!  Cook at home with real ingredients (no processed products), and drink a smoothie daily!  Now, you probably won’t even NEED a medical clinic!