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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #103 The 360- Generate your OWN Resistance, do NOT use heavy weights on anything!

Today I want to introduce you to an exercise that you probably have never heard of, but is probably one of the most productive and beneficial exercises ever.  The 360 exercise, so called because you do it in a 360 degree circle around your body, going one way, and then the other.  I saw it on the exercise and fitness site, and it was demonstrated using a product of their, the steel bell.  They also do it with a large metal mace, but you can use anything, even a rock, or a fixed dumbbell or kettlebell, or even a big book! 
I did it today for the first time, and was blown away by what I was feeling in my abs, and in fact in my entire core!  It even targets more directly than any other movement the hard-to-hit obliques on the side of the waist.  One wonderful side effect of the 360 is that not only does it not injure and strain the shoulder joints, it actually seems restorative, aiding in range of motion and smooth and pain free joint function.
You probably know of my opinion of heavy weight training, and how ultimately damaging that inevitably is for every joint in your body!  If you must use weights, use very light weights, and make them feel heavy by moving slowly, and actually flexing the muscle as you go, using your mind to increase the resistance.  Never just heave or throw the weight up!  And I’m talking about bench presses, squats, deadlifts, rows, curls- you name it, do not lift heavy weights, even if you can.  Keep it light!  Make the resistance internally generated; “put on the brakes” when you lift internally.  Weights, ultimately, are just props to help you isometrically contract the muscles maximally in each movement you do!
To do the 360, just take your object (I started with  a fixed 15 lb dumb bell), and swing it around from behind your head, down and around from the right shoulder to your waist and then past your left shoulder, then repeat.  Shoot for doing this for 50 times, ultimately!  Start light, and generate your own resistance as you rather quickly yet deliberately swing the weight around and around your head. 
Then, do an equal number of reps the other way! 
Trust me, this pretty much wipes out your whole upper body and core, and is more aerobic/cardio than just about anything under the sun.  I will include the link to the onnit site here in the show notes: and also at  It’s always easier to see something actually done, rather than just hear it described in words!
So, get ONNIT! 

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