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Sunday, October 4, 2015

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast #113 Build your Health from the Inside Out with a green, Paleo smoothie!

pjsc 113  Build your health from the inside out

That’s right- build your health naturally, and very effectively by imbibing a magical elixir each day:

 A Paleo Green Smoothie!

Sometimes I feel a bit funny that I harp on this one thing so much, but it really is that important.  Just by whipping up several days worth of smoothie in your Vitamix blender, and then drinking one glass that morning, and saving the rest in 3 or 4 Ball canning jars in the fridge; well, that brief bit of efforts not only supplies you with the perfect breakfast for most of the week, but it also insures your perfect health for the week!

Really, you have just supplied your body (and mind!) with complete and total nutrition, in a concentrated form, and in the totally natural form of real food.  This is key, since supplements made from chemicals are just a guessing game, and can easily be too much of one and not enough of another, and so put your body out of balance in proportions of nutrients.

Let your Vitamix do the chewing for you!  It will “chew” your veggies, and all else you put into your magical smoothie elixir, even if those foods are frozen.  It will all become an easily assimilable liquid, one which your digestive system can easily break down and take immediate advantage of.
The other thing your Paleo Green Smoothie will do is to take away your hunger!  It really does this well, since it is so loaded with everything your body is constantly crying out for, and almost never gets enough of, unless you eat a diet exclusively of grass fed liver, and lots and lots and lots of dark green leafy veggies.  And that means several BIG salads per day, and LOTS of chewing... did you know Paleo people of old had really strong jaws, but their teeth, while perfectly healthy, often were worn down from the endless chewing they needed to accomplish eating enough vegetables and little root tubers? Especially since this was before anyone knew to wash veggies or roots (or animal carcasses!), and just ate them with the dirt on!  That’s a lot of stress on your poor teeth...

With a smoothie, you just- swallow!  Save your chewing for the grass fed steak you have later, perhaps with a baked potato and just ONE salad. (For fun and taste!)

The Ball jars of smoothie are also perfect to take with you for an easy lunch or snack.  I like to couple a smoothie, a tin of sardines, and a square or two of dark chocolate for dessert... what a perfect fast, cheap, and really nutritious lunch on the go- no preparation, just put in your lunch box and go.

Go to my recipe on for the Paleo Green Smoothie, and get going.  If you don’t have a Vitamix blender yet, you can get one directly from Vitamix by clicking on the link at, again- just to the right side of the page.  This gets you the Vitamix of your choice, with completely free shipping!

And if you want the entire PaleoJay recipe for paleo living, in an organized form, my ebook “Perfectly Paleo Exercise” is on sale on for just $2.99- that is $5.00 off the regular price.

And all of those, my friends, are my Oktoberfest Paleo gifts to you.  Take them all, in good health!