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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #90 Choose your paleo home wisely

pqtd 90 Live in a Paleo Friendly home

I don’t know why I am so inflammatory, but I KNOW that this little podcast will be so:

I am here to suggest that you NOT live in a big city, that you NOT raise your children IN a big metropolitan city (at least in the US, I know little of those overseas which may be very different), AND I also think you should not raise your family in the suburbs that surround these cities!!

Pause to hate PaleoJay... OK, let’s start again:

I am basing all of this on history, ancient history is a particular interest of mine.  When Rome was collapsing, nothing at all was wrong with her armies, or her strategies.  It was all her POLITICS.

Corruption at the highest levels of government, and the LIVES of those at those levels, had degenerated to the point where ALL that they could think about was immediate self-advantage, and how to manipulate things for maximum profit and gain. 

The original notions of the “good of the state and the commonwealth” were utterly discarded, and self-interest in the short term was all that mattered!

The troops were called back from faraway Britain, although everything was under control there, because the back at ROME, power politics were unravelling.  Again, this had NOTHING to do with the armies, and invaders, or anything else- it was all about the collapse of morals and law and order and a consensus about how to live!

Sound familiar? 

In modern America, I believe we are about there now:  our army is second to none.  But with NERO in charge (I mean  Obama here, sorry but it’s very, very true!) our army is hamstrung.

Our moral landscape has collapsed; the Knockout Game is alive and well in our big cities, where young men purposefully KNOCK UNCONSCIOUS old women and men as a GAME!! 

And our media purposefully IGNORES and tries to suppress it! 

In ancient Rome, MY ancestors, the Germans, were constantly raiding the borders of the country, trying to invade.  And during this period, the YOUTH (the liberals of the time) in Rome idolized the Germanic barbarians, and strutted about the capital in “trousers”, (which were considered uncouth and totally barbarian!) and wore “mustaches”, which Romans abhorred!
This is right in line with what is going on now.  Let’s go back a bit, to the 1970’s when Tom Wolfe wrote a very perceptive book called “Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers”.

In this book, Tom Wolfe was pointing out how liberal guilt had destroyed the ability of the ruling class to even RECOGNIZE that their decisions were literally DESTROYING the empire, in other words destroying WESTERN CIVILIZATION ITSELF. 

All in the name of “fairness”. 

This is a mirror image of what happened in ancient Rome:

The Germans “asked” if they could “settle” in Roman territory.  After much deliberation, the Roman Senate (under Nero!), said OK- but they said only for a limited time...

AND, over time, the Germans did NOT leave, and the armies were all called back to defend the capital, and the empire fell... leading to over 1000 years of darkness and horror, basically the end of western civilization.

My point is this: 

We are treading this thin ice in civilization once again. 
Back then, anyone who could retreated into rural, idyllic types of areas.  Like Spain, England and France- back then, these were really, really “out of the way backwaters”. 

And then, they built castles- fortresses! 

And this is the start of Medieval Life, although then it was just SURVIVAL.  I believe we are at a similar juncture in history.

The barbarians have been given an open door- illegals preferred!  The Roman/US purse has been supplied for unlimited welfare, and once again Western Civilization is ripe for the plucking!

Sad but true, all because of corruption,  and unwarranted guilt over doing really, really well for millennia...

My advice?

Get OUT of major cities!  Things are bad, and looking way, way worse.  Detroit used to be a “center of culture”; most major US cities are following that path!

Sorry, I MEAN THE SUBURBS TOO!  I hate what the suburbs have become- the rampant (hyper Roman) consumerism and flagrant slavish allegiance to “fashion” has recurred time and time again, and only leads to horrible crucibles for children to survive.  You only have to read David Copperfield to understand this...

Get your families into a small town, semi-rural or rural environment.  Somewhere where you KNOW your neighbors, what they do for a living, and you know them really, and completely, not just their Linked In profile.

I know a guy who has an internet business.  He can live anywhere he wants!  He used to live in NYC, but he has little kids and a wife...

He did just what I recommended!  He moved to a small town (really small, about 1300 people), in rural Wisconsin! 

If you can do it, do it.  Move to a rural, or at least a small city environment.  This is “Paleo” in a huge way! 

The “urban shuffle” SUCKS!  If you have children, even more so. 

Now, more than ever, anyone who wants to “sustain Western Civilization” had better move beyond the areas of corruption, those areas that NERO has destroyed, and go back to SMALL TOWN AMERICANA! 

It has not yet been ruined, and is the BEST HOPE FOR US ALL IN THE FUTURE! 
ALL YOU NEED TO DO, is get as FAR from ROME (the US GOVT.) as possible! 

Wait it out.

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