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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #81 Do NOT be Resistant to Starch!

pqtd 81  Do not be resistant to starch

The Paleo, low carb diet- this is what it started out to be.

But, the great thing about the paleo diet, and how it has evolved, is that it is largely completely open to new science, and will adapt!

Unlike conventional diet advice, or those of vegetarians, vegans, and other hardcore “cultists”, as I see them.  And so, of course, this puts standard medical advice, like low fat, low calorie, food pyramid, USDA type of advice in the CULT camp!

Which it is, since they keep on keepin’ on with what they’ve been saying for 50 plus years, despite all evidence to the contrary!

Not to intentionally inject politics into this, but it’s like saying that Obamacare has been a great success, over and over, in spite of all of the overwhelming evidence that proves it has NOT been a success in any way, shape, or form!  It failed, it is failing, and it will continue to fail!  Sorry, but the truth is the truth.

Just as conventional medical advice has failed, is failing, and will continue failing, since it is based on proven errors, that can be documented scientifically, over and over.  Sorry, old MD’s that don’t like it, but you bought into a lie- it’s time to acknowledge it at last...

But, onto my point- as I said, the original point of the paleo diet was that we were (and are) vastly overfed on processed carbs in the modern diet!

And this was, and is, very true!!

But then, the die-hard believers went too far (as earlier did the low-fat proselytizers) and recommended eliminating carbs as much as possible.

This turned out to be a mistake.  Although the ketogenic diet can be very therapeutic for certain medical conditions, such as Epilepsy and even Parkinson’s, it can become harmful if followed exclusively long term!

Why?  Our microbiome, the tiny microbes or “bugs” that live within us, particularly in our guts...they actually comprise about 80% of our total volume of cells in total!  We are less “us” than we are “them”, to be honest.  And without them in synchrony, in harmony, and well-nourished and thriving:

WE will not be thriving!  Our gut micro-biome is that important!!

So- we want to be healthy, we want our guts to be healthy so we will be healthy- what should we do??

We need to eat carbs- NOT processed carbs like in the SAD Standard American Diet, but in green leafy vegetables, leeks and onions are particularly rich in pre-biotic starch, sweet potatoes, and some white potato is good as well!

In other words, we need to feed our little “gut buddies”- our “PETS” if you will!  And then, they will feed US, by digesting these (to us) undigestible fragments, and then protecting us from bad microbial invaders!

The bad microbes tend to be fed ideally (for them) by the processed, fast food type carbs that everyone should try to avoid at all costs.  Things like grains, sugars, Taco Bell- you get the idea.  Bad microbes prefer bad food. Good, beneficial, Ben Carson types of microbes prefer real food.

The star food you probably don’t know about, just as you didn’t probably know about Ben Carson a few weeks ago??

DRUMROLL!.......           POTATO STARCH!!

Really!  Bob’s Red Mill has a widely available brand that you can get almost anywhere- it is a powder made from the potato, but it is in an undigestible form for us humans, unless it is heated and cooked. That’s why it is made- as a thickener for soups and gravies and such...


I really really, really want you to eat it, but raw, so your good, wonderful, gut buddies can eat it and prosper, to help you live long and prosper!

“But Jay, Jay- how can I do that PaleoJay!!??”  I hear you querying.

“A Green Paleo Smoothie!” I respond in the deep voice of Zeus.

Really- sorry for the hyperbole (that’s just me), but a green smoothie, whipped up in a Vitamix, is just loaded with prebiotics that according to the most recent research are the most potent form of health production you can find!

So, just do it.  Get a Vitamix- click on the link at www. to get one without shipping charges- they are expensive enough without that!  Then, make yourself a daily, Paleo Green Smoothie (the recipe is also available at and in Perfectly Paleo Exercise the ebook and Paleo Quick Start, all available anywhere ebooks are sold); but it is also free on the website itself.

Soon, I will release a real honest to God real book with all of this in it, but until that halcyon day, just start making smoothies, low on fruit high on veggies and spices and fats, cut the processed crap, and eat real foods!


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