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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #80 Coffee is an Essential Oil

pqtd 80 coffee is an essential oil

I know, this sounds crazy!  But then again, don’t most of my ideas?  (Don’t answer that).

Aerobie Press
But truly: I get so tired over the years of criticisms of coffee!  I think this is like criticisms of anything that people enjoy- it must be bad, right?  Well, in this case, wrong!  To the contrary, in our modern, neolithic, grain and sugar based diet, coffee is for most people the major source of antioxidants in their diet.  This is kind of a shocker, but nonetheless very true.  After all, for normal, non paleo kinds of folks, who only get green veggies and colorful berries once in a blue moon, who subsist on fast food hamburgers, pizza, and french fries- coffee is IT- their only antioxidant!  Sad but is a quote-

Coffee is a rich source of disease-fighting antioxidants. And studies have shown that it may reduce cavities, boost athletic performance, improve moods, and stop headaches -- not to mention reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, liver cancer, gall stones, cirrhosis of the liver, and Parkinson's diseases!

After you start to look into it, it is kind of startling all of the great benefits of what has been painted as evil for so long- but, then again, consider how FAT and red meat has likewise been equated with evil for so long, and also how grains and sugar have been given a complete angelic halo by the mainstream medical establishment-

Well, now it starts to make sense, doesn’t it?
A Paleo Green Smoothie- perfect with Coffee!

Big Government agencies and mainstream medicine misled us about grains and sugar, fat and red meat for so long, why shouldn’t we also be suspicious of their other “advice”!!??

Like coffee being bad for us.  It’s not, it never has been, and is actually quite beneficial in many ways.

How you brew it can make a difference, however- along with what you put in it!  Here is what I do:

I make my coffee with an Aerobie Press!  It is a plunger type of apparatus, and costs about $20 or so.  I heat the water in an electric carafe or tea kettle, and pour it in my press, which fits into individual cups.  Then, I just press it through one cup, then another, and then another!  (Two for me, one for my loving, appreciative wife!)

Just get a good, organic coffee, and you are good to go!  The rumours about “mold” in coffee are unfounded, unless you get cheap, supermarket type of generic coffees.... they are not a good choice, either for flavor or health!  Get a good organic (I like French Roast), and grind it yourself for maximum flavor.

Now comes the best part- adding flavor (and additional healthiness!) to your coffee.

I always add about a teaspoon of good coconut oil to each cup.  This adds in a really healthy fat, that will fill you up, and also load you up with medium chain fatty acids, that are the most digestible, beneficial, and anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory type of food you can consume!


Coconut oil is the best fat your can consume, and probably the best FOOD you can consume!  Start each and every day with it, in your coffee, and you are halfway to health!!

Add in whipped or just plain full fat cream, cinnamon and cloves, perhaps some cacao powder as I do...

Then, open one of your 16 oz. Ball jars of Paleo Green Smoothie, loaded with veggies and berries and kefir and cod liver oil and.... well, look it up at perfectly paleo smoothie ingredients.

You now have breakfast, a wonderful coffee beverage to comfort you as you work out in front of the television with Perfectly Paleo Exercise, and an assurance that, not only are you starting your day in the healthiest way possible, but you won’t be hungry for many hours!

You can easily make good food choices when you are not starving, but just interested in maximizing nutrition.

As they say, “Once begun, half done”!

So start your day in the perfectly paleo way, with coffee!!

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