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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Your POLITICS determine your DIET-on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe #107

pjsc 107 Your politics determine your nutrition
Rest assured- gluten free, and high fat dairy! (nice rhyme)  AND once in a blue moon!
I have been thinking about this for quite some time, and think it’s time to share.  If you are a conservative or libertarian, I can probably tell just from that how you feed yourself and your family.  Also, if you are a liberal, socialist or communist, that determines your views on nutrition and lifestyle as well.

Let’s examine it, shall we?  If you are on the left side of politics, there are certain near universal givens:

You believe that Big Government has most of the answers!  You believe the  top mainstream scientists, the big medical clinics, and the government agencies like the FDA, ADA, and all the rest have the peoples best interest well in hand, and are the “experts” that the American people should listen to, about everything- they are the smartest of the smart, and anyone who does not listen to them, and the AMA, and our industrial food supply experts is either stupid, selfish, or just a “bitter clinger” that believes things were better in the past, when it is obvious to you that we are living in the best of times!

And so, given these viewpoints, you would tend to follow the USDA “My Plate” guidelines, which recommends multiple servings of grains per day, cutting fat out of the diet, reducing calories overall, and taking all sorts of drugs if your health markers are higher than your MD says is ideal as you go to your frequent medical appointments.  You probably, if you exercise, go for long distances on treadmills at low intensity, perhaps for hours per day to “burn calories”.  And if you “jog” outdoors, you make sure to cover every inch of your body with sunscreen, as recommended by the Dermatologists!  And you make sure to wear heavily padded shoes, to protect your feet from pounding.

You are happy to buy fat- free, highly processed foods like fruity yogurts at the grocery store, and enjoy lots of “healthy whole grains” in the form of breakfast cereals, granola bars, and whole grain bread (which of course you NEVER top with butter!) but instead with highly recommended vegetable oil margarine!  You cook with good fats like Crisco, and you stock up on plenty of good national brand orange juice and skimmed milk, since both are so healthy for you, as you’ve been told for your entire life by the government and the national media.

You are so glad that our water is kept fortified with fluoride, to strengthen our teeth, and are happy for all the chlorine and other chemicals which keeps it free of disease!  You probably also believe that putting statin drugs in the water as well would be a great preventive health measure, and you support national control of school lunch programs.  And you LOVE it when your medical doctor (during one of your frequent “preventive” appointments) recommends yet another drug for you to take- because, if he says you need it, well then you do!  Now you will be healthy at last!
Liberal... or Conservative...

Now, let’s say you are on the right- a libertarian or a true conservative...Pretty much everything is the opposite!

You believe in small, local government, and small local farms and ranches. You are very suspicious of the motives of large organizations, since as a rule they are all about making the maximum amount of money for themselves is a corporation, or gaining the maximum amount of power if they are a government agency.

You shop from locally owned stores, and prefer buying right from the farmer himself.  The less processed the food is, the better it is!  You completely reject the Governmental “My Plate”, and have eliminated grains altogether from your diet.  You have added in real fats like pastured butter, eggs, and real cream and gotten rid of ALL fake vegetable oils.

You drink real water, either filtered or good well water in preference to city treated stuff, and never drink bottled orange juice or skimmed milk, both of which are just basically sugar water which will spike your blood sugar, which then needs an emergency correction via insulin!  You know better than to go down that road...

If you exercise, you work out short and intense, sprinting or working out with strength training at a very high level of exertion for short periods of time.  If you sprint or run, you prefer doing it barefoot, and out in God’s sunshine.  You tan, but don’t burn!

And there you have it!  If you are paleo, you tend to be from on the right of things, a libertarian or conservative!  Am I right?  Leave me a message or comment- I am very interested in this take on the Paleo Lifestyle!  Go to and leave a voice message on speakpipe there, or else just leave a written comment.  I’ll let you know the consensus!