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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #76 Love your Weeds- Paleo Hippie!

I’ll tell you right upfront- this is near and dear to my natural, quasi-hippie heart!

“They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot” - remember that old Joni Mitchell song?

It seems quaint, it seems laughable... but it’s TRUE!

Our natural world really is basically- EDEN !  Pure and simple!  If we mess with it too much, it becomes... MAN-MADE HELL!

Witness our inner cities.  Hell on earth, really!  Food deserts, crime gone crazy, no nature left to enjoy, and horrible education available for all!  Bad, chemical laden water- the list goes on and on.

But go to the suburbs... looks great, right?  Sure, if you have a million dollars to spare!  And besides that...

Do you really want your kids growing up in an environment of incredible competition, where grades are all important, and helicopter parents determine those grades by interfering with impartial judgement by the teacher??

Because that’s the way it is now.  No more Mayberry, at least in the suburbs of big cities!!

Here is my advice for young people.  It may sound hippie-dippie,

but it is really more small town Americana.

Go MIDwest young man! (or woman!!

It doesn’t HAVE to be the midwest, but your odds are better there.  Locate outside of a small city, and choose a small town you like- in the environs of a college town is a good idea.  (They have all of the “culture” you might miss in the big city, and it’s WAY cheaper and usually, less “affected”.)
You can get a house, and just as importantly LAND, for a really inexpensive price!  Land is so important, historically... and NOW, more than EVER!

On your own piece of land, you can determine your own destiny in a MUCH more important way than if you are in a city, where every whim of government determines your future.  You can grow your own food!

This is huge.  I have been to Asia, and they have never lost sight of this time-tested absolute- land is the ultimate currency!

In Asia, and in most of Europe as well, every square inch of land is cultivated on a small scale to yield- FOOD!  I mean freeway side landscape, I mean every scrap of land that is available- every inch!

Because in the USA we are so LOADED with LAND, (at least outside of big cities!), we take it for granted- and we should NOT!

And here is the point-

In suburbs, every weed is targeted for kill!  In this strange age, this means dandelions (which were brought over here purposefully to feed us) need to be poisoned with toxic chemical in order that our lawns would be more symmetrical...

Likewise broad leaf plantains, burdock and a number of other “weeds” that are incredibly nutritious- more nutritious than kale, or lettuce, or almost anything else we can eat!

And, on top of all of this, by dosing our yards with Roundup, the chief ingredient of which is Glyphosate, we are effectively poisoning ourselves, our families, and our groundwater.



Get a small homestead, if you can, far away from the expectations of suburban “schoolmarms”.  Have a big garden, and feed yourself as much as you can.  Make a big Paleo green smoothie each day, and include dandelion greens, broadleaf plantains, and other “weeds”.

Buy your meats and eggs from local farmers that pasture their animals, and enjoy your improved health, which doesn’t require the medications of mainstream medicine to keep you alive!  You will be fine, since you are living on God made foods, not man made processed foods.

And so, free of stress, free of pressure, you can live a life far away from Big Government, Big Medicine, Big Pharma and Big Food!

Small, and de-centralized is the FUTURE!  And YOU, my little quasi-hippie, are leading the way!

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