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Sunday, May 24, 2015

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe #104 Your Doctor can NOT save you from a bad Lifestyle!!

One of the biggest scams there is in this world is that conventional medicine, which is the kind of treatment you can get from an American clinic or hospital can make you WELL!  Nothing is further from the truth…a medical doctor of today just means that that person is a member of the biggest, most powerful labor union in history- the American Medical Association.  This is a labor union par excellence- it guarantees incredibly high wages for the practitioners in “the Brotherhood” as Malcolm Kendrick calls it, as long as those doctors tow the line, don’t rock the boat, and follow “approved” treatments ONLY- things like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery only for cancer treatment- nothing else can even be considered, or the doctor doing so can be thrown out of the union- in other words -lose their high priced and time consuming right to practice medicine!

Your doctor is actually forbidden to recommend common sense lifestyle and diet changes to actually cure your condition, and is instead forced to recommend expensive pharmaceutical drugs (all of which have side effects, often worse than the disease!), and surgeries only.  None of these options do any thing at all to address your disease or condition- they only mask the symptoms so you might feel a little better.  You will go home with your expensive prescriptions for drugs that make BILLIONS of dollars for the pharmaceutical companies annually, and billions of dollars for the medical clinic that prescribed them- all without curing your condition in the slightest.

You see, the pharmaceutical companies fund most of the research, and bankroll the medical colleges where the future M.D’s train.  They have a mutually beneficial relationship- the doctors recommend their products; in fact insist the patient use these products, and then everyone makes lots and lots of money… except YOU.  You are left sick, with endless pills and/or painful and damaging surgeries to endure, and are now a drug addict!  Even though your drugs are LEGAL, they are still usually endlessly necessary and actually addicting once you start, and hugely expensive- and, even though your medical insurance (if you have it) will mask the true costs since you only need a co-pay, rest assured that the ultimate cost is there, it is huge, and you are paying it through your other many taxes that are set to continue rising forever!

And let’s talk side effects: All drugs have side effects!
This is often glossed over, but if you ever pay attention to the MANY drug commercials on the television all day long, listen to the potential side effects of the most popular ones, the ones they recite rapidly while showing attractive, loving couples dancing, walking on pristine beaches, and playing with laughing children and romping dogs:  Here are the side effects of the Statin drugs, which are among the MOST prescribed drugs on earth!

Liver function, muscle wasting and pain, possible heart attack risk, increased side effects with any other drug you might be taking, depression and irritability, headaches, joint pain, and abdominal pain, tingling, numbness and burning, sleep problems, sexual function problems, dizziness and a sense of detachment.  Additionally, people have mentioned experiencing swelling, shortness of breath, vision changes, changes in temperature regulation, weight change, hunger, breast enlargement, blood sugar changes, dry skin, rashes, blood pressure changes, nausea, upset stomach, bleeding, and ringing in ears or other noises.  In addition, Statin drugs, which include Crestor, lipitor, and several other brand names tend to deplete CO q10, which is a vital substance manufactured by your body to produce cell growth and maintenance in every cell in your body- as you grow older, the supply lessens, and it can cause your heart to malfunction, and cause brain and cognition problems as well!

And all of those are from just one drug- most people, as they age and visit the doctor more frequently, are put on multiple drugs, which often have effects upon each other, independent of the drugs themselves. (Kind of like mixing heroin with cocaine and tequila, I’d imagine…)

I could go on and on about about the many, many drugs that literally are “pushed” by our doctors on behalf of their “suppliers”, the pharmaceutical companies, but I’d much rather prescribe you an antidote myself!  Here it is, the PaleoJay prescription for a long, healthy, happy, productive and disease free life:

1.  Live a natural, ancestral type of lifestyle!  Eat real foods, foods made by God and nature.  Paleolithic foods, including real organic veggies and fruits, wild caught meats and seafood, pastured butter and pork and cream and beef.  Real oils like coconut oil and lard, beef tallow and olive oil.
2. Avoid modern wheat, which is modified in a lab and loaded with gluten, and most sugar.  Sweeten slightly with local wild honey or maple syrup. Avoid processed foods, any kind of soda pop, and artificial sweeteners of any kind.  And stay far from fast foods!
3. Avoid drugs, legal or illegal- the difference between them is not really that great!
4. Get at least 8 hours of good quality sleep, each and every night!  Live with a connected “tribe” of people, relatives and friends, who try to get along and help one another and just connect as people are have evolved to do!
5.  Avoid the medical system as much as you can, as often as you can! (To paraphrase John Wesley of Methodism fame).  By this I mean, if you get in a car wreck or are shot with a bullet, our medical system is great at emergency types of medicine!  They can “patch you up” really well!  But then, you need to get OUT of there as fast as you can, and start back in on steps 1-4 above- that is the only way to rebuild your health.  The hospital knows nothing about rebuilding health, proper nutrition and lifestyle, or healthy movement and exercise!  If you need to take a drug (like an antibiotic), take it and then STOP as soon as possible, and set about rebuilding your gut biome, which is all the friendly bacteria inside you that makes you healthy and happy- they are crucial, and if you take a course of antibiotics they are gone, right along with the unfriendly ones.  Eat pre- and probiotics, kimchi and sauerkraut, kefir and pickles, all must be naturally fermented!  Apple cider vinegar like Bragg’s is one of the best sources as well.

And as long as you are feeling well and healthy?  STAY AWAY from organized medicine!  Think of your local clinic as an old time medicine man, traveling from town to town with their “miracle elixir that cures everything”- they only want your money! Their elixir might not just be whisky and water like back in the old days, it might be a far slicker sales pitch, but the bottom line is the same:
Dr. PaleoJay

They only want your money!  Long ago, they only asked for a small amount for one bottle…  but now they are so sophisticated about it they want eventually to take everything you have saved over a lifetime as they guide you out of this life!

Check out modern medical bills on life threatening surgeries and you’ll see I’m right, especially in America!
 The American average price was highest for every procedure but one.


Average price in America: $13,910
Average price in Switzerland: $9,845
Average price in Argentina: $1,723

As with most procedures, there is a huge range in price even within the U.S. America's 25th percentile for appendectomies is $8,244, while the 95th percentile is $29,499. The Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand are in the $5,000 range on average.

Normal delivery

Average price in America: $10,002
Average price in Switzerland: $8,307
Average price in Argentina: $2,237

The 95th percentile in the U.S. is a whopping $17,354 for a normal delivery. In Australia, the average is $6,623, in the Netherlands it's $2,824, and in Spain, $2,251. The American way of handling childbirth has been called the costliest in the world.


Average price in America: $15,240
Average price in Switzerland: $10,681
Average price in Spain: $2,844

In the U.S., the 95th percentile is $27,446 for a C-section. Switzerland and Australia are in the $10,000 range on average, while America's average is over $15,000. Argentina and Spain again had the lowest average prices, with the Netherlands falling in the middle at $5,492.

Cataract surgery

Average price in America: $3,762
Average price in Australia: $3,841
Average price in Argentina: $1,038

Only Australia shows one instance of a higher average price than the U.S., with cataract surgery costing just $79 more. The American 95th percentile is $8,233, showing just how much prices can vary. Even the 25th percentile, $2,422, is higher than the average prices in Argentina, the Netherlands, and Spain.

Knee replacement

Average price in America: $25,398
Average price in Switzerland: $24,614
Average price in Argentina: $6,015

The average price of a knee replacement is above $20,000 in New Zealand, Australia, and Switzerland, as well as the U.S. However, America's 95th percentile shoots up to $51,128. That's the cost of nearly nine knee replacements in Argentina.

Hip replacement

Average price in America: $26,489
Average price in Australia: $26,297
Average price in Argentina: $6,862

Hip replacements in Argentina, Spain, and the Netherlands all fall somewhere below $12,000 on average, yet America's 25th percentile for a hip replacement is $16,622, and the 95th percentile is $53,644. Artificial joint implants prices in the U.S. are inflated to begin with by the few companies that manufacture them, and then these prices are marked up several times by intermediaries, making artificial implants the single biggest cost of most joint replacement surgeries.

Bypass surgery

Average price in America: $75,345
Average price in Australia: $42,130
Average price in the Netherlands: $15,742

For bypass surgery, even America's 25th percentile of $47,982 is significantly higher than the average price of every other country surveyed. The figures for the Netherlands, Spain, and Argentina all fell under $17,000. The 95th percentile for a bypass surgery in America is $151,886.


Average price in America: $27,907
Average price in New Zealand: $16,415
Average price in Argentina: $5,246

America's 25th and 95th percentiles for angioplasty show a wide range of $16,406 to $61,184. Average prices in Spain and Switzerland are in the $10,000 range, and Argentina, the Netherlands, and Switzerland boast even lower prices for this minimally invasive procedure.

Hip prosthesis

Average price in America: $11,806
Average price in Australia: $9,982
Average price in Spain: $3,177

Though Spain has the lowest figure by far, in New Zealand the average price of a hip prosthesis is $6,723, just over half the average U.S. price. With $25,843 as the 95th percentile, this procedure could conceivably be eight times more expensive when performed in the U.S. than it would be in Spain.