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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Apple Cider Vinegar is a Natural! Paleo Quick tip of the Day #69

Hi! I cure everything!

  One very important component of a good natural diet that you are probably missing out on is…Apple Cider Vinegar!  ACV has been recommended since the time of Hippocrates, by Hippocrates, and that is high accolades indeed, since he is the founder of Western medicine!

Of course, the modern day practitioners of the art he founded, the AMA and the doctors under that umbrella, have strayed very far from the natural cures Hippocrates touted, since he believed health lay in our diet and lifestyle, and modern medical practitioners ignore nutrition and lifestyle almost totally, relying instead on the latest and greatest pills, potions, and surgeries.  But we know better now, don’t we?  We are, you might say:

“Hip to Hippocrates!”
“First DO NO HARM!”

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”
Walking is man's best medicine. ”
― Hippocrates

“Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, judgment difficult.”
― Hippocrates

“As to diseases, make a habit of two things — to help, or at least, to do no harm.”
― Hippocrates

Now those are some quotes I’d like to hear from MY family doctor!

But to get back on track, back to ACV- let me say this: not only is ACV probably one of the best probiotics you can possibly take, it has a host of other benefits; so many in fact, that I recommend you have a bottle in the bathroom, and another in the kitchen!

In my daily green paleo smoothie I always include a healthy portion (several ounces) of ACV- this serves to dilute the ACV so the taste in not a problem, and also it won’t stress your tooth enamel!  Always dilute the ACV when taking internally for this reason.  Also, I use Bragg’s ACV- it’s like the Vitamix of vinegars- around the longest, and totally reliable to be the best!  Shake the bottle before using to distribute “the Mother”; I.e. The yeasty, cloudy portion that gives the “life” to the vinegar evenly.

I recently got poison ivy while brush cutting at the family cabin.  What helped immensely was ACV!  I just swabbed it on the affected areas, and it took the itch right away- then, I sprinkled on baking soda (another thing you should have in your kitchen AND bathroom!), and I am totally itch free.  ACV actually draws the toxins out of your skin!

ACV is a great cleaner, too- but I usually use the cheap white vinegar for that.  Don’t consume white vinegar- it’s a dead product, distilled and with no food value whatsoever. But put some in a spray bottle, and it will do a better job than all of those nasty, expensive chemical cleaners that are so toxic and evil- Clean with Vinegar!  It also is a great weed killer- just spray it on a weed and you will kill it, again; without toxic chemicals.

ACV can cure heartburn, dandruff (just rub it on your scalp). It’s a great antibacterial and anti fungal, and is great to gargle with for a sore throat.
Rub some on your dog or cat’s fur to kill fleas!  In the ancient world they used it to cleanse wounds, so it is also great for cuts and scratches.  Rub it on your face for a skin toner and acne fighter, and put it on skin moles to get rid of them as well!

ACV is truly amazing, and can change your health for the better, both inside, and on the outside of your body- naturally!

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