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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #56 Recovering from Illness with essential oils, maximum nutrition, and REST

pqtd 56 Recovering from Illness with Essential Oils and Rest

As usual, I am doing this podcast from my own personal experience coupled along with research.  I awoke ill yesterday, on Wednesday February 25, with a bad (and worsening) sore throat, and a deep cough settled down in my chest!  I virtually never get sick, but it has been exceptionally cold here in Wisconsin, and I have been running around outside and inside stores, where I must have picked up a bug of some sort.

Yes, even Mr. PaleoJay is not immune to getting sick or injured- none of us are, no matter how much we improve our our bodily terrain or avoid bad situations.  And so, it is important to know just what to do when we do get sick!

When I realized I was sick yesterday, I got up and went downstairs,  and prepared a paleo green smoothie since the ball canning jars I had filled earlier in the week were used up.  ( I like to stock my fridge with a few days supply of the healthiest form of nutrition I can devise!)

Step 1 in recuperation: maximize nutrition, so the body can rebuild the damages and repair the defenses!

Next, I repaired to the living room with my smoothie and a cup of hot green tea in hand!  Wrapping myself in a sleeping bag that I love to sit beneath on winter days, I turned on Netflix and streamed away on my latest show- Spartacus!  I tried to stay as warm and relaxes as possible... then, remembering my essential oil diffuser, I went and got that, loaded it with water along with Frankincense and Lavender oils, and set it right beside my  easy chair, and again wrapped myself in my sleeping bag.

And that is how I spent my morning- Watching television, then dozing for awhile, then reading my iphone, then dozing... and so it went on.

If you know me at all, you know this is not my morning routine!  Normally, every single morning I start with a workout, and then I get going on stuff- writing, reading, updating, researching!  Walking, cooking, shoveling snow- just lots of movement and action.  I thrive on the feeling of accomplishment, as I believe most of us do.  But not this sick morning- the best accomplishment I could achieve would be to get WELL!

And so, that is largely how my day went- with purposeful rest, only the best in nutrition (I had little appetite), and finally going back to bed again, at a very early hour.  I set the diffuser with a fresh load of essential oils at my bedside, and went to sleep...

And by this morning, although the infection had resided deep in my chest, and I was developing a wracking cough at bedtime-

By the morning, after about 11 hours of off again, on again sleep-

My sickness had become a cold!  And now, it is 4 PM of that day, Thursday, and what had threatened to take me down for at least a week has subsided into just a stuffed up nose.

And so, I apologize for missing the podcast yesterday!  But, here it is today, only one day late, and I am largely sickness free-

Makes me feel like singing Everything is Awesome!

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