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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #55 The Clampetts were Paleo when Paleo wasn't Cool!

pqtd 55 The Clampetts were Paleo when Paleo wasn’t cool

I am old enough to fondly remember the Beverly Hillbillies!  An immensely popular show starting in 1960, when real hillbilly types of characters still existed in America, the show’s premise was that of a man, Jed Clampett, finds oil on his land “back in the hills”.  He sells if for 25 million dollars, which was even way more back in 1960 than it is now.  His kin folk convince him to move out to Beverly Hills, California, where they have “swimmin’ pools- movie stars!”  It’s a clever premise, and as I said, incredibly popular throughout the entire decade.

You might want to catch some of the old reruns, because you might pick up some “paleo tips”!  Granny is always cooking up some “vittles”, like possum stew with greens, and you know that the Clampetts certainly ate “nose to tail”!  Ellie May and Jethro were both amazingly fit and strong, presumably from eating such a wonderful natural diet, and from extremely active lifestyles.  Even Granny stayed fit and active, cooking and cleaning and washing, and even had the first “treadmill chair” in the Clampett truck- a rocking chair she’d rock as they all drove!

By contrast, the banker- Mr. Drysdale, and his wife are quite poorly adjusted, and Jane Hathaway, Mr. Drysdale’s secretary, is positively emaciated- three very neolithic, agriculture dependent people if ever there were any!  So are most of the folks you see from Beverly Hills- hyper civilized and largely phony, their so-called sophistication is shown to be hollow over and over by the authentic, early Paleo types of people that are the Clampetts!

So- men, get yourself a dirty, practical hat like Jed- the brim works as well as blue blocking glasses!  Go around bare foot like Jethro and Ellie (paleo yet again!), and do lots of physical work- hunt wild game, cook over wood fired pots in the open air, and wash your clothes by hand in the cement pond- Now, you are Hillbilly Paleo!  And, since many people don’t like the term “Paleolithic” about the ancestral diet and lifestyle, now you have another term to describe yourself and the way you live and eat:

“Me?  I guess I’m just a Hillbilly!!”

There- that’s much more socially acceptable!

Ya’ll come back now, y’hear?

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