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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #45 Take FARMaceuticals to cure both yourself- and the WORLD!

Take your Farmaceuticals daily- cure yourself AND the world!

Any listener of any length here at Paleo Quick Tip of the Day knows that I, PaleoJay, believe that FOOD is the best medicine.  Hippocrates, the founder of western medicine declared this roughly 2000 years ago, and although his modern so called disciples have discarded his teachings in favor of ever-increasing dosages of pharmaceutical DRUGS-

Food is the best medicine is as true now as it ever was!!

Although nowadays, where and how your food is grown is every bit as important!

If your vegetables and fruits come from mega-farms where every inch of that farm is laced with pesticides, over-farmed to the point of near total soil nutrient depletion- you are consuming a tainted product!

We all know now that the human gut biome, that is our intestinal flora are crucial to our health. For instance, a recent study pointed out that artificial sweeteners encourage fat gain. The theory was that the artificial sweeteners, such as those in unsweetened soda pop, altered the gut biome since they are totally alien to our evolved symbiotic relation with our ancestral gut microbes.

In other words, our gut sensed SWEET, and switched on the fat storage, even though there was no honey or fructose to process...

but the fat storage trigger was engaged, and fat was produced!

So, drink artificially sweetened products and get fat quick!  And long term, too, since it doesn’t appear to switch OFF.

To return to my main point: Just as our Gut Biome is loaded with microbes we have a long history with, that help us to regulate our health, our moods and mental health, and how we extract life-giving nutrients from real foods-

So is the soil where we grow our foods loaded with microbes that we have a symbiotic, historic and ancestral relationship with completely necessary for our health, proper fat to body weight ratio, and mental health as well!

We all need to rethink our allegiance to pharmaceutical drugs!  They are poisons except for short term, emergency use- they are like Agent Orange in our bodies!

What we need for health is FARMACEUTICALS-


And all produced on sustainable acreages, with largely organic practices that preserve and sustain the microbial health of that soil long term!

To learn more on this vital subject, I recommend Dr. Daphne Miller and her wonderful book Farmacology!

So, for the ultimate in gut and overall health NOW, right away-

Get yourself a Vitamix blender!  Load it up with Farmaceuticals like organic broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and kale- throw in some green tea and kefir, toss in some ginger and turmeric and cod liver oil...

Just make yourself and your family a Paleo Smoothie!

The recipe is at

And the link to order a Vitamix with no shipping direct from Vitamix is there as well...

A smoothie maximizes the available nutrition, even in today’s depleted soil.

Just like our current system of food doesn’t matter, drugs are the answer, and to just rely on Big Food corporations, Big Government, and Big Medicine to take care of us...

That is truly a NO BRAIN NON-SOLUTION.

Solve things yourself.  You are responsible for your own health!  Eat real foods, grown in real, healthy soil, and move and exercise naturally, doing Perfectly Paleo Exercise.

And ignore the advice of Big Government- Big Pharma- and Big Food!!

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