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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day 32 Be your own Coach, Teacher, Doctor and GURU!

PQTD #32  Be your own coach- teacher-doctor- and GURU!

Yes, that’s right paleo grasshopper- YOU need to to MAN or WOMAN up to be the best you you can be! This is key for being healthy, sane and happy- to be a realized individual that can deal with life in a non-scripted, healthy way.

Most people are simply addicted to the modern life experiment. This is the life most live nowadays:

addicted to television- cell phones- SCREENS of all sorts!
addicted to processed carbs
deathly afraid of fats!
ALSO deathly afraid of dirt and things that are hard!!

If this is you, then I am the guru for you... for I am the guru that will insist that YOU be your OWN guru!

Don’t listen to infomercial gurus like P90X and all the clones, including Crossfit and other canned workout boxes that tell you exactly what to do, and when, and what to eat, and when, ad nauseum.  Think for yourself!

Try to do things for yourself- grow a garden, however small.  Shop at farmer’s markets- go out on a limb and make connections with the growers!  Talk to ranchers, or butchers that market good quality pastured meats and dairy- be gregarious, even if it is not in your nature!  Trust me, it soon will be... and it is so worth it to get good quality food that will vastly improve your health!

DO NOT go to medical doctors- I know, this will be controversial, but it is common sense and a no-brainer, really.  Unless you are in a horrible accident, like a car wreck where you are seriously broken, medical doctors know almost NOTHING about health- they only know about disease, and how to mask the symptoms!  That is the truth- the medical establishment can do wonders if you are horribly broken, but after they put you back together... your own BODY is the only thing that can heal you, and YOU are the only one that can restore, and reBUILD your HEALTH!  Pay no attention to those men and women behind the “white coat” curtain...

Try to have LOTS of hobbies- reading is great, especially about health and fitness in an ancestral manner... history is great for learning how people of the past lived, ate, slept and worshipped- we learn through stories and metaphors, primarily: so fiction is every bit (and probably MORE) important for our well being than non fiction!

This is kind of an all encompassing, general type of podcast, but heartfelt for all of that- here are my takeaway points for you, your marching orders if you will:

Do NOT turn on the TV, UNLESS you are either exercising, stretching, or at least just SITTING on the floor!  Be Asian- squat, or just sit on the floor when relaxing- sitting on a chair or couch is just letting your body become a mass of jelly...

Only eat carbs in small amounts, and ONLY in the form of SAFE STARCHES, like white rice, white or sweet potato (without the skin and its antinutrients), or in the form of green carbs in unlimited amounts.

Your grandparents didn’t, their parents didn’t, folks from the middle ages didn’t, ancient times didn’t, and neither did paleolithic peoples- and they had NONE of our diseases!

Eat LOTS and LOTS of real, God Made saturated fats!  These are the fats, like that from the (Pastured!) fatted calf that are vitally important for our health- what our ancestors all prized for their goodness and health promoting properties- and what our hormones and actually our very CELLS are made of- EAT FAT!  Whole eggs with cream cheese, tons of veggies with tons of pastured butter, pastured bacon with all of the fat left in the pan to fry eggs, cook a duck and save the fat for later- (that’s what I’m doing right after I finish writing this podcast!)-

DIRT IS GOOD! I don’t mean filth- filth is man made- things like broken glass, spilled chemicals- well, like a modern agribusiness growing field for GMO corn or soy!  That is filth...
     I mean SOIL- living, breathing soil; loaded with microorganisms and earthworms- those microorganisms are our partners in life- they are within us, and creating a wonderful microbiome that we ingest, that is and always has been a part of us.  Grow your garden- get your hands dirty!  Walk around barefoot!  Be like your ancestors- be healthy, natural, happy, and NOT dependent on

Big medicine
Big government
Big entertainment

to keep you happy and healthy- depend on YOURSELF, your family and your friends and your neighbors!  IT IS THAT EASY, NATURAL, AND COMMON SENSE!

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