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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day 30- Heal Your Feet and Eyes, Paleo Style

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #30  Heal Yourself- Throw Away your Casts and Crutches

I know, you probably don’t have literal casts on your limbs and crutches to get around on!  But, perhaps you or someone you know has had one or the other in the past, and you certainly know what either does for them-

The limb encased in a cast withers and weakens...

The leg supported by the arms through crutches weakens as well, while the shoulders and arms actually strengthen by supporting the injured leg!

You don’t have a cast or crutch?  You do, my friend-

If you wear shoes on your feet, and glasses for your eyes- you are wearing crutches that will weaken the God made structure of your body over time!

Now, I don’t mean to tell you to totally go cold turkey on these modern inventions; but I do want you to be aware that every time you rely on them, you are depriving your body of the small stressors it has adapted to require for optimum foot health and eye health.

For instance, your feet are like intricate suspension bridges, taut with tendons and finely crafted bones that can flex, move, and adapt to all kinds of natural surfaces.  Your feet are also equipped with sensitive feeling and temperature sensitive devices that are exquisitely designed to fine tune your gait, posture and joints to optimal movement.

Now, imagine your feet in SHOES- cumbersome, confining blocks or “casts” of leather or plastic and rubber- cutting you off from the ground entirely, with no feeling left, no freedom of movement, an unnaturally raised heel, and no temperature sensing or intricate sense of balance left to be felt and accounted for- in other words, ALL of these small “stressors” that are so beneficial to the health and strength and safety of our feet health is... gone.

Now, I’m not saying to go “cold turkey” in this modern world of ours, with shattered glass lying around some places, and No Shoes No Service signs around- but I am saying to just do the best  you can to go barefoot, or at least in socks in the house, or in barefoot shoes as often as you can!  Xero Shoes are ideal for this!

The MORE natural movement you can get on your soon-to-be healthy feet and knees and hips and back the better- it will really, naturally restore the health of a really problematic and neglected facet of your body!
Kind of like rebuilding your body from the ground up...

As for your EYES- the younger you are, the more you can rebuild your eye health!  Apart from optimizing your nutrition in a Paleo type of fashion, and consuming a wonderful God made diet of real foods, especially vegetables and real fats, (ideally in a Paleo Smoothie whipped up in your Vitamix blender)- the best thing you can do for your eyes is to EXERCISE THEM!

Take off your glasses as much as possible- do not rely on them exclusively, make your eyes WORK!

With your eyeglasses on, your eyes are on crutches- they hardly have to work at ALL... and, over time, they will get weaker and weaker!

If you can read without glasses- DO IT!  If you can see far without glasses- DO IT!!  Just like shoes- the less you use glasses as crutches, the stronger your eyes will become.  At least in your house and yard- just like shoes- don’t wear them!  If you are reading, move the book or phone back just enough so the print starts to blur- wait at this edge of vision, and usually the print will clear up and become sharp!

Over time, just move it back a little farther, at least for short sessions of reading.  Do the same with distances- see how far you can focus- concentrate on a branch that is just past your range of distance vision, and then move slightly closer- gradually it will sharpen up, as your eyes work to focus.

Do pushups for your eyes- focus on something close, like your finger close to your face- then, quickly concentrate on something like that far away branch- repeat for “reps”!

The last thing for eye health is to go to someone called a Behavioral Optometrist!  They are trained in just the sort of thing I am talking about here- to restore real vision to your eyes NATURALLY, and to not let them gradually degenerate!

Request a weaker prescription for your next pair of eyeglasses!  Even if you can’t find a Behavioral Optometrist you can do this- you want your prescription just strong enough so that you can see ok, but not so strong that you have big telescopes on your eyes that allow your eyes to “coast” and weaken!  Then, next year or so, get a still weaker prescription...

This whole process really does work- over time, I have become eyeglass free myself, although I used to have to wear them constantly- and getting away from wearing glasses changes your whole view on the world, and how you relate to other people in a big, big way...

So, I hope I have convinced you to get rid of your casts and crutches-

Set yourself FREE!

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