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Sunday, July 13, 2014

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast #81- Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Healthiness!

PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe podcast #81-

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

What i’m going to say here will seem very controversial to some of you: BIG, Top-down sorts of solutions to things...


I really mean it- NEVER!

Ever since the original colonials in the US rebelled from the BIG, top down, high taxing, literally big wigs in England (and powdered wigs at that!), the wholesome, forward thinking self-determination of the individual citizen has been paramount!  The smallholder, the citizen farmer or tradesman, was empowered to self determination- no royalty telling him how to act!  No big government telling him (or her) how to behave... as long as they followed the law, which was determined collectively by the citizens at large, and refereed by the government.

Mostly, by the LOCAL GOVERNMENT.

Once things become decided by big, impersonal, largely politically swayed and controlled entities, everything goes against the wishes of the actual, working citizen.

What does this have to do with the Paleo Smoothie Cafe?
What does this have to do with Health, Fitness, and Nutrition??


It is BIG GOVERNMENT that has come out with the worthless FOOD PYRAMID, via the Dept. of Agriculture...

It is BIG GOVERNMENT via the FDA that tells us we can’t consume raw milk, and pour Amish milk and cream on the ground, by sending out armed SWAT teams to do so...

It is BIG FOOD corporations and Grain Cartels, that have the Big Government in their pockets that mandate the mantra, via their paid scientists, that “grains are good, meat and fat is bad”, that runs counter to all recent science...

It is BIG PHARMA that still allows advertising of DRUGS on TV, and that funds our medical schools, INDOCTRINATING medical doctors and dieticians in an utterly outdated scientific stance, telling us all, from the top down to “EAT PROCESSED, LOW FAT FOODS AND GRAINS- DON’T EAT REAL FOODS LIKE MEATS, DAIRY, AND VEGETABLES”!

Really, when you hear it put that way- isn’t it just obvious that Big is definitely... NOT better?

Virtually everything is better on the small, personal scale!
YOU can do an experiment of ONE on yourself:  what makes you feel better- eating real foods, real, Paleo, God made foods like pastured meats and dairy, wild caught seafoods, real fats like olive and coconut oil and butter and tallow, and naturally raised vegetables and fruits?

Or processed GMO grains, in the form of all sorts of snack foods, breads cakes and pastries, chips fries and breading, mostly fried in a slathering of industrial seed oils ala margarine, corn/cottonseed/peanut/safflower/canola/crisco-whatever crap trans-oil they can squeeze through chemical extraction out of virtually anything!!??

Try out both versions for a month or so...

You will know, beyond a doubt, within a couple of weeks which is best.  Common sense...
Thomas Paine

Yes, remember Common Sense by Thomas Paine, that helped to ignite our oh so productive Revolution from BIG Government?

Society, according to Paine, is everything constructive and good that people join together to accomplish. Government, on the other hand, is an institution whose sole purpose is to protect us from our own vices. Government has its origins in the evil of man and is therefore a necessary evil at best. Paine says that government's sole purpose is to protect life, liberty and property, and that a government should be judged solely on the basis of the extent to which it accomplishes this goal.

Wonderfully stated, both back in 1776, and just as well stated NOW.

Our government should be dominated by the SMALL governments: local, community governments!  THEY would not presume to tell us what to eat- we all know that they don’t have a clue- we do!  We eat ancestrally- what our grandparents ate, and theirs, and back forever- that’s what to eat- not what some sanctioned bureaucrat decides, after being bribed by industry or Big Government itself to ram down our throats for their own benefit.

I guess the bottom line is this: figure out health, nutrition, and fitness by yourself. Just as you figure out, by yourself how to live your life, make a living, put a roof over your head, choose a spouse, start a family, buy a car-

No one can, or should, tell you what to do- YOU do!

Thank God- we are all experiments of ONE!  WE can choose how to eat, where to live, how to raise our children, where and how to worship, how to exercise- when Big Government, Big Medicine, or big ANYTHING tries to butt in and intercede- tell them to Butt Out.

Real, Vital, Life-enhancing HEALTH is actually quite easy to achieve-

1.Just eat REAL FOODS. Foods made by God and Nature!
Your appetite will tell you how much.
Exercise NATURALLY.  No machines. No weights!  Bodyweight, and virtual resistance- using the muscle against itself, like a cat, ala Perfectly Paleo Exercise.
Dynamic Resistance!
Charles Atlas

You can use pushups, you can use gymnastic rings, you can use pullup bars and dip bars, p-bars and other “tools” to make you think into, and vitally flex and strengthen your muscles, tendons, and ligaments- but the ultimate tool is
your mind!

You have to flex each movement as intensively as possible, and then your results will be

And none of it comes from outside of yourself.

You can do it all with only your own body, and mind- like a cat can, and does- with NO Big Cat Government telling them how to do it.

It’s really not that hard to do- you don’t need any BIG HEALTH organization like the Bodybuilder magazines, or fitness gurus, or P90X, Zumba, or any of the plethora of exercise gizmos and whatsits on the market like Crossfit, or exercise made up machines that fill the infomercial airwaves like myriads of locusts-

You can do it YOURSELF!

Virtual resistance?  Go to and do those- now, you are started!

That is the beginning of Perfectly Paleo Exercise, in a nutshell, thanks to John Peterson, who is the modern day version of Charles Atlas.

And now, you are off and running- NO reliance on BIG authority telling you to ruin your joints with weight lifting or long, slow jogging...

No BIG authority telling you to do WOD’s or multiple sets to failure- (don’t ever exercise to failure, by the way!!)...

No Bigwig telling you what to eat- because- you just can NOT LISTEN!! (And tell others not to, as well!)

NO Big Pharma or Big Medicine telling you to TAKE DRUGS!!  JUST SAY NO!  LEGAL, OR ILLEGAL!!
The irony is, I don’t know which is worse!!

And so, there you go- in a long-winded (for me) sort of way, since I try to keep these podcasts short and sweet, I have endeavored to implore you to:

Ignore big government, as much as possible.  Go local, as much as you can in these troubled times-

Buy food locally. Know your farmer or rancher. Grow or raise as much of your own as you can!

Exercise at home, with your own body as the only resistance, mostly.( there are a few tools that can help you focus your bodily resistance effectively)- will keep you informed- more to follow!

Pay attention to your own health- OWN it!  NO ONE knows your body like you do- if eating a certain way works well for your health- how you feel and perform- keep doing it!!  Lab tests are... by and large, far inferior indicators, and  fall into the realm of “scientism”, or 19th century science.
Most of modern nutritional advice falls into this category.

Stay away from exercise “classes”- most are really, really bad!  You need to figure out your own way, your own “class” by yourself.  It really is NOT rocket science- every wild ANIMAL on earth has it figured out!

Crazy PaleoJay bottom line?
DON’T listen to big government- think for yourself!
LISTEN to your OWN BODY!  If it feel healthy, productive and natural to you, it probably IS! (no matter what someone else says)
Your Doctor knows nothing about nutrition!  He has no training- his training is drug based.
Nutrition claims on food packages are propaganda- LIES to fool you, via your friends in Big Government, Big Ag, Big FDA, and Big Advertising.
Ignore exercise gurus.  YOU are your own exercise guru- better by far than any other!! Even if you’ve never exercised before- your BODY and your mind will combine to be the perfect teacher, once you understand the basic principles.

And so, just remember that King George is long gone- small, local government should be the rule of the day in the USA...

It’s not, but it certainly SHOULD be- and, with your self-actualized help, it will be in the future-

Once again- Back to the future- back to Small, Local Government and all other referrees of our lives...

Because that is all that they really are, or should be:


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