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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #28- Gorge Yourself on the Good

I was at a 60th birthday party recently- (I am 62 myself), and was surprised to find that a party is, at this  point in life, often a place to talk about... illness.

Illnesses and the DRUGS to treat them!

I had this strange feeling that I was a seer: I knew what each person talking really needed, a bit of information that would rectify what was wrong with them; would save them, if you will, from disease, disability, and eventual premature death!

The only problem is that... I really can’t say anything!

This is what a knowledge of the Ancestral way of living does to you!  You know what almost everyone needs to restore their health- get rid of their degenerative diseases, that are gradually destroying their health, wellness, and quality of life...

But you also know that they don’t want to hear it!
Local, pastured meats 
You’re not a Doctor!  You’re not qualified!

But, most importantly: they don’t want to change their habits- their way of eating and living! NO NO NO!

It’s ironic, but Medical Doctors know nothing about nutrition- nothing!  In fact,  they as a rule tend to discount its importance entirely.

It’s really crazy that someone like PaleoJay, a 62 year old English major in college, knows more than an MD from Harvard or anywhere else-
but it’s TRUE!

Just as someone like Jimi Hendrix learned through actually doing it how to express himself musically through a guitar by actually doing it- so it is that if you endeavor to educate yourself about your own health and wellness by actually doing, and exploring ideas and experimenting rather than just following accepted rote dogma-  you can actually fix your own health!  And that of others, like your family and friends!

Back to before: virtually EVERYONE, by the age of 60, has LOTS of medical issues- metabolic syndrome, diabesity, skin conditions, actual diabetes itself, obesity and heart disease, chronic stress and high blood pressure; difficulty sleeping, rheumatoid arthritis, even cancer...

The incredible secret I want to tell you here is that:

Right now, I’m not at a party with friends- I’m here, talking to YOU, my BEST friend!  And I’m here to tell you that if you just EAT real, God made foods; foods like grass fed meat, pastured eggs, LOTS of veggies (especially whipped up in a Vitamix blender/smoothie!), pastured dairy like butter and cream- preferably raw!, get LOTS of sleep, rest and recreation- do SOME bodyweight and virtually resistance exercises most days- walk as much as you can daily, spend time with friends and family on a regular basis (not just watching tv together), and get out in the SUN for at least 15 minutes per day, preferably in a natural, forest or savanah-like environment...


Of course, if you also eliminate BREAD, and pasta, and anything containing gluten whatsoever, like... almost everything that is manmade like fast food, deli food, breakfast food, sandwich food, food food- in other words- MAN MADE PROCESSED FOODS-


BUT, I think that most people getting into the Ancestral lifestyle concentrate on ELIMINATING foods; which is why I concentrate on ADDING IN nutrient dense, good, GOD MADE FOODS!
The lynch pin of health

If you do that: you won’t want, or have room for the man made CRAP.

And so, concentrate on adding in as much as you possibly can of good, wholesome God made foods!

To paraphrase John Wesley:

Eat as much God made food as you can!
As often as you can! With all the friends that you can! With all the people that you can! As long as ever you can!

Sorry to go all evangelical on you, but I feel that strongly about this.

The more of good food you eat, the less of the bad!

Gorge yourself on the GOOD!

In SLEEP, in family and friend relations- at church, and with your neighbors!  GORGE yourself on a daily exercise regimen in the early morning doing Perfectly Paleo Exercise- POUR Veggie and Vitamin rich smoothie into your body morning and noon... FAST at night, regulating your body in tune with it’s ancestral rythmns of feast and famine- sing and dance with your friends- have campfires and wander through the forest, getting in tune with nature!!  Go to bed EARLY, and wake up EARLY- get in touch with your circadian rythmns!

And now?  Life is good!  Who even WANTS a donut?

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