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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #18 FINALLY Give up Smoking!

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #18 Finally GIVE UP SMOKING!!

I know- this doesn’t seem like a Paleo Quick Tip of the Day at all- I mean, we have been working on transitioning into the Paleo or ancestral way of life for 18 weeks now, and have literally, if following the suggestions here faithfully transformed our health and appearance dramatically for the better!   So why am I talking about smoking?

Well, early on in PQTD, I said to not even worry about giving up smoking, because it was so much more important to first give up grains.  This is correct: the damage done by grains, causing damage to your intestine resulting in a permeable intestine, or leaky gut is far worse for your health even than smoking!  And, including the loss of insulin sensitivity and the decreasing of communication between your insulin levels and lectin communication with your brain about your fat stores- the difference between giving up smoking, and giving up grains AND sugars if monumental.

Cigarettes will take 40 years or so to kill you; grains and sugars can do it much, much faster- and make you look and feel much, much worse as well!

So, that is why I put the stress first on giving up the grains and sugars, and only NOW turn to eliminating the lesser toxin of smoking!

Also, this last, contrary to popular belief, is incredibly easy nowadays.

You just substitute “vaping”, or an e-Cigarette device for your cigarettes!

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Really, it is just that easy!  You can just get an advanced, refillable vaping device, like the Vapor Zeus by www., and some e-Juice from either them, or from what I think is the best (I have researched all of this. at great length) e-juice provider-

I will put more information up about all of this on a later post at, since that is a more appropriate forum for a more in depth article about not only vaping in general, and why it is an effortless and very effective substitute for smoking that not only eliminates most of the harm of cigarettes, but also is even more enjoyable for many, much cheaper and socially acceptable, and actually is a safe, appealing method to introduce measured amounts of nicotine… and nicotine actually has some wonderful HEALTH BENEFITS- it is the particulates from burning tobacco, and even more-so the many, many chemical additions from cigarette manufacturers that are really harmful!!

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And so, get on board with gaping if you are a smoker!  Start right now- get a device, get some e-juice, and substitute!  Don’t get a cheap disposable e-cigarette if you really want to substitute this for the smoking habit- those are manufactured largely by the cigarette manufacturers who don’t really want you to quit!  Take control yourself- get a device, recharge it when needed, and cape away- add juice when needed-


And if you want, you can easily taper the nicotine levels down to nothing, and STILL enjoy vaping.. on flavored water vapor!!  But, you may not even want to go that low, since there are some benefits to nicotine- but, more on that later!  For now, just enjoy being a vaper, and an ex-smoker!!


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