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Sunday, December 8, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast #60 God Made Always Beats Man Made- in Nutrition AND Exercise! 8 DEC Th

PaleoJay Podcast #60 God Made Always Beats Man Made- in Nutrition AND Exercise!


This seems to be such a blatantly obvious statement, but just think about it-

USUALLY it is ignored!

PaleoJay Podcast #60
God Made Always Beats Man Made- in Nutrition AND Exercise!

This seems to be such a blatantly obvious statement, but just think about it-

USUALLY it is ignored!

Most of the population of the Western world at least, and increasingly the whole world, subsists more and more on.... fake, processed, and fast foods!  Large quantities of refined grains and sugars; both made from genetically modified - MAN MADE- sources- GMO wheat and GMO sugar beets, primarily.  Throw in a lot of high fructose corn syrup and processed industrial seed oils, both of which are also MAN MADE, sprinkle on some chemical sweeteners and flavorings and colorings for good measure...

And you have a man made nightmare of NON-NUTRITION!!

It is really, really, really necessary, not just optional, to get back to eating real, GOD MADE foods if we want to regain or enhance our health, and that of our families.

The only viable way to do this, really, is to start cooking and eating at HOME, most of the time, for most people!  If you have an unlimited budget, and LOTS of free time, AND you live in an area where the Paleo diet has caught on in a big way, and meals are offered in restaurants that are made of real, Paleo, God made foods, well then this is an option for you- congratulations!  You have just freed up more time and energy for optimizing your God made exercise, and getting more sleep and meditation built into your life.  But for most us- we don’t live where nearly ANYONE even has heard of the Paleo diet, much less supports it!  And, most of us do NOT have an unlimited budget, and unlimited time!  Surprise surprise surprise!!

So, we eat and cook at home- and, if you are like me, that is what you prefer, anyway!  I love to grill at home; that’s what I plan to do after I work out this frigid Sunday afternoon- grass fed steak and sweet potato fries in coconut and olive oil on the grill!  Wowzer!!

The crock pot is great as well- I just made a BIG pot of turkey soup last week, with the broth from my last grilled chicken carcass as the stock, and plenty of veggies, garlic, and turkey meat.  Cook in quantity, and you are set for the week- you can easily freeze smaller portions- heck, around here we can just set the containers outside on the porch and store them frozen there!  

Make a plate of eggs in the AM, and get some pastured bacon for your frying pan, and cook the eggs in the good fat from that!  Or, get a soft boiled egg maker- I have one, it was about $20 years ago- a little electric machine that makes 6 perfect hard or soft boiled eggs at a time, in just a few minutes- I really have become addicted to soft boiled eggs!  I also recommend a Rosle soft boiled egg cutter to easily remove the top of the egg mess free, and some little egg cups and tiny spoons... sounds elaborate, but for a very small investment, you can begin incorporating some top-notch God made nutrition into your family’s life- it’s like a little, fun ritual, opening those little gold-centered nuggets of nutrition and scooping them out!

A big salad with pastured meat or fish at lunch, and grilled meat at supper with veggies slathered in grass fed butter- it really is that easy!  Have some wine with that!!

Of course, you know that I also use as a foundation of God made food my Paleo Smoothie, detailed here at length on my site at, and in my eBooks.
All you need is a Vitamix blender, and you can be like me, and whip up the healthiest beverage on the planet each and every day!  Although now I find, since I have added in the avocado, I can usually only get through a canister of my smoothie every two, or even three days- it is that filling and nutritious.

So, let’s say you have the nutrition all figured out, and God is providing... you are MORE than half way to ideal health!  NOW, you just need to add in 


Here is where I really veer off from the standard Paleolithic crowd!  The standard recommendations would be to join a good Crossfit gym, do power lifting, like squats, bench presses and deadlifts, and also incorporated Olympic lifts into your routine!

My gosh, if you are new to this, I’ll bet you want to quit right now... but don’t- not only are all of these heavy weight moves NOT necessary, they are actually counterproductive, long term!  The heavy weights will compress your spine, particularly in the squat and deadlift, and the bench press will destroy your shoulders and elbows, long term.  And, you can accomplish all you need to, and would want to, without any danger of injury, using your OWN BODY AS GOD INTENDED!  

Have you ever seen a cat use weights to build its incredibly lithe, sculpted, and functional physique?  Or any animal?  NO, they know how to maintain their perfect health and musculature- the do the animal equivalent of Perfectly Paleo Exercise!

They use their own body to supply the resistance needed to perfectly develop and sculpt the muscle- this is really all that you need.  And, it will develop your body in an aesthetically pleasing way, since although muscle size and shape will be the result, just as in heavy weight training- it will come without unnecessary BULK, and injury.

And for Heaven’t sake, don’t get me started on long distance running and injury and muscle loss- it’s even worse...

For women, in particular, this Perfectly Paleo form of exercise is especially good, since it makes for a lean, lithe look, not the look of an OX, as in Arnold Shwarzenegger or other bodybuilers... for men, it can result in the look of a gymnast, or the physique of Frank Zane in his prime, or Steve Reeves, just a little smaller, and healthier.  And you will fit perfectly into standard clothing, with small waisted slacks and large or extra large shirts...  it really is a win win!

God Made exercise also builds up the tendons along with the muscles, and the small, stabilizing core muscles of the neck, back, abs and even the wrists and hands- even the jaw is not ignored!  You exercise, methodically and pleasurably, almost like a kind of moving meditation, each part of your body.  You can do it anywhere, I usually am in front of the TV in my living room with a good Netflix movie on, early in the morning, but that’s just me- today I’ll do my basement workout on my rings hanging in the basement, but that’s just because I LIKE to- it’s not really necessary for health and fitness.  

I think things like gymnatics, while challenging and fun, are like what weight lifting was really intended to be about- not to CREATE health and strength, but to DEMONSTRATE IT.  This is what weight lifting was in the old days- a circus strongman kind of thing to amaze- not the actual process used to GET STRONG!

And heck, do you really want to be a circus freak?  A bearded lady, or whatever?  Or do you want to be a strong, flexible, aesthetically appealing super healthy person?  If so, all you need is your own body, bodyweight exercise and self resisted exercise, with the foundation of all a regimen of virtual resistance, generated within your own body!

So, really think about what I’m telling you- you have within you the power to be perfectly fit and healthy, as God intended you to be!  Just use His tools:

God made FOOD, and God made EXERCISE


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