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Monday, October 14, 2013

PaleoJay podcast #52- a FULL YEAR of weekly podcasts!! What does the Fox say? Caveman style! Paleo Quick Tip of the Day!

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Yesterday I came up with my take on the viral youTube video What does the Fox say? by Ylvis, a pair of brothers from Norway.  They came up with a really fun, catchy song and video, which I have managed to make into my own little caveman version...

Sorry about that, but here it is, at least the audio portion- you can view the whole video version at, or on youTube under Paleojay.

I hope you enjoyed listening to that as much as I did making it last night!  And now, you know that this is one solid year of weekly PaleoJay podcasts, and so a little celebration is in order!  And so, since I need to get out celebrating by working on my new “tiny house”, a little 8 X 14 foot little house, built by local Amish craftsmen- it is going to be a Fortress of Solitude, a golf club and Irish pub, a retreat in my back woods!  Who says PaleoJay doesn’t know how to have fun??  It even has a tiny little electric heater that really pushes out the heat for chilly Wisconsin autumn nights, a real bar! (just installed yesterday- yes, your own PaleoJay does imbibe to calm his inner barbarian- and lots more is planned for the decor...  stay tuned, there will be many photos of this little cottage in the future!

It’s important to maintain a sense of playfulness in ones life, especially as you get into your 60’s as I am...  I have my campfire down there in the woods, and rings of colored lights all around it, a bottle tree!, and a giant tree stump “stage” where I and other local musicians can perform for the neighbors!  It really is a lot of fun, and I will include you by showing pictures of it all on

PaleoJay’s Quick tip of the Day!

Today, I just want to give you, since you are my one and only listener, a quick tip or two that you can implement right away, and immediately improve your health and wellness!

Number one is coconut oil!  If you don’t use this wonder food daily, and liberally, start now!!  I always put a big Tablespoon into my coffee in the morning, along with whipped cream and cinnamon and cloves, and find it both very satisfying, and it has a way of getting your body burning ketones from the fat right away, giving you a very clear brain function.
Coconut oil is also a wonderful oil to cook with, since it is a medium chain triglyceride it actually helps to both burn efficiently and to actually help you to burn body fat!  This is one reason why I always recommend including liberal amounts of coconut milk into your daily Paleo Smoothie, along with plenty of vegetables, greens, spices, green tea, kefir... well, the list goes on, but a smoothie like this does more for your health, right out of the gate, than any amount of anything else you can think of, and really easily!  And, the coconut oil is a big part of it all!

You should always have at least two jars of coconut oil on hand- one in the kitchen, of course, and the other in the bathroom! That’s right, it is the ideal skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, and shaving cream!  I always have my jar in the bathroom with a butter knife in the jar- after my shower, I scoop out a small amount (a little goes a long way!), and rub it until it melts in my hands- then, I rub it all over my body and face!  Nothing moisturizes like coconut oil; and I love that it goes right into my bloodstream through the skin!  You will never use petroleum based lotions again, especially now that you know that they too go right into your bloodstream through your skin!  Sickening, really.

If you shave before the oil soaks in, that is all the lubrication your razor will ever need- never have I had such effortless, close shaves as I have since I started using coconut oil!  This would apply to both men and women...  And for women, to put coconut oil in long hair, let sit awhile, and then wash out- this is the best hair conditioner available anywhere!  Your hair and skin will both be smooth and healthy...

Just get a good quality brand of Virgin coconut oil, a pressed form of coconut oil rather than one that is chemically extracted- this would be a cheap, processed, inferior form of coconut oil.  Trader Joe’s has a great virgin coconut oil, as does Nutiva and Tropical Traditions... get one of these great oils, and improve your health and beauty right away!

And that is your tip of the day, from Paleo Jay!

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