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Monday, July 8, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast #38- Tribal Celebrations!

PaleoJay podcast #38  TRIBAL CELEBRATIONS!

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Hello my friends!  It is the morning after my daughter’s wedding, and I am a proud, tired, and happy father to say the least.  Brandon and Holly were wed yesterday in our Methodist church, and after the ceremony, we had a rousing reception that kept us all up to the wee hours... it was all wonderful, and great fun indeed!

What I mean to stress here is that we all need, well, to UN-STRESS on occasion, especially on those very special occasions that occur in life that cry out for joy and celebration!  I have been so occupied and busy lately, dealing with the death of a family member, and simultaneously preparing for a wedding-  and yesterday was the wedding of our own Holly and Brandon.

This is an ultimate sort of Tribal Gathering and Celebration, writ large!  The two whole extended families, friends, neighbors, church friends, kids’ friends, adult friends, right up to my 93 year old father and his 88 year old trophy wife of 62 years: my mother.  Kind a a Melding of the two tribes into a larger one- the friends and family of one tribe knit to another.  A very joyful celebration it was!

And this is my point: Sometimes, to be a healthy, clear-thinking and successful human being, we need to step away from the small stuff!  Yesterday, I violated many of my cardinal Paleo/Ancestral/Barbarian/Primal principles- I didn’t get enough sleep (will take a nap later today), I stayed up late eating, drinking, dancing and singing, I forced myself to become the most extreme extrovert my innately introverted self could handle, and yes, I ate most of a piece of wedding cake!  (And very good indeed it was my friends- actually, now that I think about it- it was too good!  God never designed food like that to occur in nature- food that tastes so good that you don’t even consider the non-existent nutrients and health benefits.  But, for this happy occasion- I ate some!

Now, I am back to being a barbarian- I will tread lightly on the outskirts of civilization, sampling the benefits of civilization warily- the benefits are undeniable, but they come sometimes at a severe cost.  

To remember this is key...

And so, remember that you are a tribal member- whether family, neighborhood, church, or any other small group- your tribal identity is YOU- it is really who you are, even to yourself.  Don’t let down any of your tribal affiliations- every person in a tribe is utterly necessary- you are an essential part of your tribe, without your maximizing your potential, both physical and mental, you will not be a good, valued tribal member...

To do less than you can to maximize yourself is cheating the whole tribe!

So, be the best you that you can be!  Eat real, God made foods!  Exercise naturally, in a perfectly paleo fashion that brings out the healthiest, fittest, mentally strongest and the very best YOU that you can be!  In other words, maximize your genetic potential!

This enhances you, but more importantly, it benefits and enhances the whole tribe.

So there you have it.  This is a brief, yet really important point of the Paleo way of life; to 
be the best member of that tribe that you are capable of becoming.  If everyone in the tribe does just that one thing...

The tribe will evolve in a positive direction, and so will the destiny of mankind itself.

Here is the song I wrote for my daughter, Holly, and her new husband Brandon.  It is heartfelt, and so I know it is the “best possible” song I could have written for my tribe...

See you next week, Paleo Tribal members!


I wish I had more money
I wish I had more time
But the one thing I would never change
Is that my little girl’s mine!

I thought she’d be here forever
But now she’ll come and go
She’ll be here for Christmas dinner
And when I call her, feelin low...

Holly my Holly- I held you in these hands
I was there when you were little
But Brandon is the man

I’m glad that she has found him
I don’t mind to share
I’m just her olden Papa
And both of us can care

I loved her as a baby
I loved her as a kitten
That’s what we have in common
Brandon and me- we both were smitten!

Holly my Holly- I held you in these hands
I was there when you were little
But Brandon- he’s the man

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