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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HOW to listen to podcasts! Like PaleoJay...

I know- you listen to PaleoJay podcast, but HOW?  Do you sit in front of your computer, and go to ?

Well, that's fine.  You can listen as you look at your computer, perhaps browsing around while you listen...

Or do you go to iTunes?  That's great as well; in fact, probably the BEST way to listen, since iTunes is the Mother Source of all things Podcast!  If you do, you need to download Apple's free APP- Apple's Podcast app   Download this, and you can subscribe to PaleoJay, and hear each and every podcast as it becomes available!  You can also subscribe to many other podcasts, some of which I described in my very last podcast #39, and subscribe to them as well.

You can also search for podcasts in ANY category, like music, business, religion, history (Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is amazing here)- I subscribe- and virtually any other subject you can think of, trust me- there is a podcast addressing that category!  And they are all free!!

"But JAY" I hear you scream "I have an ANDROID, not an iPhone!!"

Best Podcast Catchers  Android phone apps are here as well- expensive though... 6.99...

What I use is Downcast, it just works so slick, and at 1.99 is a bargain indeed!  But, again, only for Apple iOS...

 So, for an all in one, super-easy solution to podcasts, I am here recommending- 

Click on the link above- FREE, and you can choose ANDROID OR iPHONE!!

It is a super easy interface- download once, open it up, type in PaleoJay, and you are on your way to being a mobile, super-hip podcast afficianado...

Listen in your car, listen as you work out, listen as you mow, listen as you clean house!


It is just so easy, and you can pause at any time, and resume later- you will have missed NOTHING!  You hear every word.

I just thought many of you would like to know the basics.  MOST folks I have spoken with are downright afraid of podcasts, because they just don't understand the basics of how to listen!

So, in summary, if simplicity and seamless listening is important to you- 


And, to acquaint yourself with the app, just type in paleojay

It will all make perfect, easy sense after that!


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