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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Coke keeps you thin!

Or, maybe not...

I thought you'd all enjoy this brief video from 1961 about the "benefits" of Coca Cola, which is just water loaded with sugar and chemical flavorings... but, with marketing, it sounds just great, 
doesn't it?

Here's another- just makes you want to swill down some sugar water, doesn't it!!???

The thing is, nostalgia aside, this is evil marketing!  Telling people that they should drink sugar water is evil- BAD- unconscionable!!  

This is unnegotiable: if you tell people to drink something that will damage their health, make them more prone to disease (cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease)- well, you need to be 

called out!

Because, truth be told, you are evil.  

Here is my PaleoJay recommendation, with NO marketing attached:

Do NOT drink soda pop, at all, ever.  It will NOT make you thin, it will only make you fat, sad, and unhealthy.  

Eliminating this pernicious substance from your life, FOREVER, will be a HUGE step in reclaiming your God-given Paleo Health heritage.

So do it: make your first step on the Paleo lifestyle be just eliminating ONE THING:  

Soda Pop- just do it!  In every way, this is a BAD THING.  

This will sound crazy, but I'd rather you drink WHISKEY than soda pop... REALLY!

I hope that convinces you that SOFT DRINKS ARE REALLY BAD!


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