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Monday, April 8, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast 25- PaleoJay turns 61!

Flower Children!  PaleoJay and daughter Holly on PJ's 61st birthday...

PaleoJay Podcast 25- PaleoJay turns 61!  Click here to listen and subscribe via iTunes for free!

Yes, today is the day that I, the not-so-famous PaleoJay turned 61 years of age.  Not a big deal to me really, but my family and friends were very nice to me, which I appreciate!  My daughter Holly and her fiance Brandon made me some Paleo chocolate coconut bars- I think I’ll have to get the recipe to put on the website to share!  Very, very tasty...

The thing is, after you start eating Paleo, and pretty much put sugar out of your life, sweet things all start to taste-  way too sweet!  So, one was all I wanted...  The thing about turning another year on your personal odometer is that it makes you think more about making yourself last, like a well maintained classic vehicle.  If you are into old vehicles, like I am, you know that, if well kept up- oil changed and other fluids changed, scheduled maintenance done frequently and correctly, and actually over maintaining your vehicle in some ways... it will last virtually forever!  And, a well maintained old vehicle is actually much cooler and more remarkable than a well maintained modern one- so much rarer that it is almost startling!

This is what I think we want to do with our own bodies, minds and spirits, which are living vessels given us by God and nature to cherish and do the most we can with.  To ignore, poorly maintain, or otherwise degrade our precious bodies is a travesty- the problem is, we have been given the wrong information for the past 50 years or so on just HOW to maintain and improve our health!

That last is no exaggeration- Iatrogenesis is the technical term for “Death by Doctor”, which is now- get ready- the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States!    First is heart disease, next is Cancer...

This is death caused not only by bad surgeries or leaving things inside the patient after operations, but also simply by the many common drug side effects, that are actually expected to occur in a portion of patients that are prescribed pharmaceutical medications, even when taken correctly.  It also includes the many infections that are contracted within medical facilities, which are infected with many “super strains” of antibiotic resistant bacteria that we really can’t kill with more drugs- they have “evolved” to withstand our drugs, since we have overused them in the past, both in overprescribed medicines for conditions they aren’t needed for (viruses), and because we pump our confined, corn fed cattle so full of antibiotics to keep them alive long enough to slaughter, and then consume the drugs ourselves in the meat they provide!  So, to maintain yourself properly long-term:

PaleoJay rule #1- Stay out of the hospital!  I would add, for the most part stay away from the Doctor’s office!  The medical INDUSTRY is pretty darn corrupt these days- they treat disease, and so they do NOT concentrate on HEALTH- the best business model for this particular industry is to keep people SICK, but alive, so they can keep consuming the many DRUGS they are selling, and pay for the many SCREENINGS and TESTS that run into thousands of dollars, and then the OPERATIONS that run into many thousands more... Great business model- Horrible health model!
Forget the Germ theory- “kill all germs!  They are the enemy! “

 Instead, concentrate on the Terrain theory, which is to make your body so healthy that bad bugs can’t harm you.  This was the theory that ran against Louis Pasteur’s theory of KILLING all the bad bacteria- Antoine Bechamp was the champion of this theory, running against Pasteur, and long term, it appears he was right!

PaleoJay rule #2- Eat like a human animal!

Every animal under the sun has its own perfect diet.  Cows and other ruminants eat grass.  Cats and dogs eat meat.  Only Birds can thrive on grains- but they also love bugs, worms, you know the drill about the early bird...Humans basically have the short digestive system of carnivores, but can, like pigs, be pretty omniverous if we NEED TO- this is not ideal for health however.  We are talking bare survival, short term here.

Just like cattle CAN subsist on grains like corn, (and candy in wrappers, and on other COWS! (read: origin of mad cow disease!)- they can only do so in a vastly unhealthy, sick state for short periods, and even then couldn’t do so without huge injections of antibiotic drugs.

Back to humans: we need a diet of LOTS of green vegetables, some fruits, plenty of grass fed beef, seafood, pastured pork, fermented dairy from raw milk- really, common sense will tell you what you really need to eat, since your great grandparents aren’t alive to tell you...  We do NOT need ANYTHING that is advertised on television!  That last is a good rule of thumb for what to NEVER EAT.  Never eat fast food. Never eat grains- our modern “altered” wheat is not the wheat of olden days, and even that wheat wasn’t that great- it was “poor food”- what people ate when they could NOT procure meat, cheese, and fresh veggies.   So, eat like a real human!

PaleoJay rule #3- Movement is Life!

There are so many people now that sit all day long at their desks, drive to and from work and fast food lunch and home, and then sit in front of their televisions and computers... and that’s it!  They are the functional equivalents of Multiple Sclerosis patients, or voluntary cripples.  We’ve all hear the axiom “use it or lose it”, and that is so true.  We need to MOVE- just walk, preferably WITHOUT SHOES, around the house, around the yard.  Without shoes is the way we are meant to move- our feet are very complex, and without the stimulus of reacting with the ground without heavy pieces of leather and rubber cradling and insulating them, they... deteriorate!  They weaken, just like an arm in a cast!  So, ditch the shoes, and just... walk around!  The movement is “baked into” our very DNA- it works our blood circulation, it works our lymph system (which is our waste disposal system), and it just plain MAKES US FEEL HUMAN and GOOD!  HUMANS MOVE!

And I am not talking crazy cardio- running marathons or jogging, which just destroys your joints, and teaches your body to be slow and to rely on sugar for fuel...

And I am not talking super heavy weight lifting, which also destroys your joints, compresses your spine, and inspires unnatural bulk, particularly in the butt...

I mean walking (barefoot preferably), self-resisted exercises and calisthenics, occasionally barefoot sprinting or bike riding, virtual resistance and isometrics ala Perfectly Paleo Exercise-

PaleoJay rule #4- Have a Great Tribe!

By “tribe”, in the modern sense I mean Family- Neighbors-Church.  All are very, very important.  We humans are very social animals, and to neglect that aspect is so detrimental to our mental, spiritual, and also physical health!  This means interacting, on a face-to-face basis, with our “tribal” members on a regular, fulfilling basis.  This means treating all humans you interact with as potential tribe members- I mean, even Andy Griffith had Otis sleep in his jail each night!  We are all God’s children. (Thanks to my Mom for that quote!)

PaleoJay rule #5- Sleep! (and Meditate!)

This rule, although listed last, perhaps should be listed first!  We are living in such a fast-paced, hectic, and sleep deprived culture that it is destroying our health, especially our MENTAL health!  Just try sleeping for 8 hours- go to bed really early, like at 8:30 PM- get in touch with your natural circadian rhythms- get up at 5:30 or even 6...


Eat a good, Paleo breakfast.  REPEAT.

THIS WAY LIES HEALTH!  Of mind, body, and spirit!

Go out and have a great life!  Not only for YOU, but for all of those around you!

I will see you all next week- God bless you, and have a great week!


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